New York City has done what many of us would have considered unthinkable just a few months ago – announced plans for the first taxpayer-funded, all-homosexual high school.

I don’t believe this would be happening now without the U.S. Supreme Court decision invalidating the anti-sodomy law in Texas. Now the homosexual activists are working at a fever pitch to transform Western civilization. Indoctrinating the next generation is an important step in that process.

Welcome to the brave new world of the Harvey Milk High School, exclusively for students who are homosexuals, lesbians, bisexual and – my favorite – “transgendered.”


The excuse is that students identified with these particular sexual proclivities are subject to all kinds of cruelty and abuse and harassment in the normal government schools run by New York City. So, they need to be segregated from that vile culture in a setting that permits them to develop self-esteem and pride in being themselves. That’s the rationale for the Harvey Milk High School.

However, this raises several questions:

  • Why haven’t New York City school officials been able to maintain control over their schools and discipline students who would subject others to cruelty, abuse and harassment for any reason?

  • Where’s the evidence for massive, systematic abuse and harassment of homosexual students in New York City schools?

  • Why is New York City, one of the strongest bastions of liberalism, pluralism, multiculturalism and sexual progressiveness, breeding such hatred toward homosexual young people?

  • What kind of curriculum will be used in the new school?

  • Why don’t parents who want to send their kids to such a school do what other parents dissatisfied with traditional government education do – form private schools where they can teach what they want the way they want?

You can probably guess the answers to these questions – or at least the answers you would likely receive from the proponents of this social experiment.

There is no evidence of widespread harassment of homosexual kids in the New York City government schools or anywhere else. Is there cruelty perpetrated on some kids? Sure. Every kid in America has been the target of some kind of abuse – especially those attending government indoctrination centers like those administered by the New York City schools. But you will never see any real evidence of systematic persecution of homosexuals in the schools.

Further, New York City school administrators have their hands full maintaining discipline and the safety of all students. Why should homosexual students be any different?

The curriculum will emphasize “gay pride.” The school will teach children about the heroics of the “Stonewall” activists who kicked off the “gay liberation movement.” What was “Stonewall”? It was a homosexual bar raided by cops. The police were met with a hail of rocks, bottles and other projectiles from angry, drunken patrons. That was the homosexuals’ version of the Boston Tea Party. Now there will be a captive audience to listen to this kind of history lesson in deviance and decadence.

There are all kinds of private schools in America. Yet I have never heard of an all-homosexual school – this, despite the fact that we are told over and over that homosexuals are among the most affluent members of our society with far more disposable income than the rest of us. Why don’t they pitch in and start their dream schools with their own money? Because New York City will confiscate money forcibly from taxpayers and do it for them. That’s why.

Don’t expect to see the New York City schools create separate facilities for students who are truly discriminated against because of their faith. That would be a violation of the First Amendment, we’re told. But not creating such separate schools for homosexuals would be discrimination.

Do you see where our culture is headed? Do you now understand what Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was warning about in his dissent in the Texas sodomy case?

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