Predictably, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is criticizing Arnold Schwarzenegger, who leads the large pack in the recall bid of Gov. Gray Davis.

What is Dianne’s beef with Arnold? That his movies are too violent, that he glorifies firearms, that he leads impressionable young people to mistaken conclusions about the use of force.

Now, I gotta tell you: I am no Arnold Schwarzenegger fan – not politically anyway. I think he has made some fine movies, such as the first “Terminator.” But so far, he has not demonstrated any command of the issues that would lead me to believe he can help turn California around.

But I also have to tell you the way Schwarzenegger employs violence in his movies is the least objectionable component of his films. Of much greater concern are the obscene language, nudity and sexual content. Those are reasons to keep your kids away from many Schwarzenegger movies and to deter children from looking up to the actor as a role model.

Recently, Rush Limbaugh began a debate as to whether or not Arnold is a conservative. To me that is beside the point. The real question liberty lovers should be asking themselves about Schwarzenegger is whether he is a moral man. Much of his movie career would suggest otherwise.

The use of strong vulgarity, obscene language and gratuitous profanity in so many of his movies tells me he is not a man with a moral core – not someone who is a good role model for children.

Imagine Ronald Reagan using the kind of language Arnold uses routinely in his films? It’s unthinkable. And that’s not where the difference between the two actor-politicians ends.

Reagan defined himself as a “conservative.” But he was first and foremost a God-fearing man with a strong sense of right and wrong. That’s what made him a great leader capable of turning the entire country around in the 1980s.

Whether someone is a “conservative” or not is always debatable based on subjective criteria and who’s doing the defining. But there is one standard of morality based on the Bible. That’s what makes the Ten Commandments issue in Alabama so crucial to the nation.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t follow that biblical moral code. He may be influenced by it at times – much of our culture still is. But it is not his guiding passion.

That should be the real test for leadership in any elective office. Is the candidate moral? Does he believe in eternal truths? Is he sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States so help him God? Is he a man after the hearts of our founding fathers?

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t even come close to filling that bill.

And neither do Gray Davis nor Dianne Feinstein – not by a long shot.

Feinstein’s hypocrisy on the issue of firearms stands out. She is one of the leading politicians in the country when it comes to denying the constitutional rights of every American to bear arms. But she would never give up her own firearms.

What do I mean? If Dianne Feinstein is so opposed to firearms in the hands of law-abiding people, she should set an example herself and swear to rid herself, her home, her office and her bodyguards of all firearms. If she were sincere in her beliefs that we’re all safer without guns, that would be setting a good example – the kind of example she insists Arnold Schwarzenegger set for the American people.

Do you think you will ever see her do that? No way.

She doesn’t want you to have guns, but she wants all the protection they afford her and other government elitists. She understands the deterrent effect of firearms in the hands of the right people. She would no sooner demand her bodyguards go unarmed while protecting her than she would cut taxes. She wants one standard for you, the peon, and another for her, part of the new royalty.

I can live without Arnold, Dianne and Gray. I’m holding out for another Ronald Reagan.

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