The world needs another PLO.

The illegal occupation of an Arab country by a foreign country has lasted too long – 27 years to be exact.

For part of that time, the invader used as an excuse the fact that another foreign country was occupying its neighbor. Three years ago, that second foreign country withdrew all its forces. Still, the invader remains – imposing its will on a sovereign people, turning a once-peaceful nation into a terrorist training camp and dividing and conquering the only Arab nation to know real freedom in my lifetime.

The occupied nation is Lebanon. The occupier is Syria.

So, why do we need another PLO?

It seems the only way the world will take seriously the plight of the Lebanese people is to follow the bad example of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

That’s why today I am calling for the formation of the Phoenician Liberation Organization and declaring myself chairman for life. I demand Syria’s occupying forces leave my beloved Lebanon.

Who am I, a Lebanese-American, to make such a demand?

Yasser Arafat is an Egyptian. No one questions his credentials as a Palestinian. Don’t question my Lebanese, or “Phoenician,” standing.

You say Phoenicians have been extinct for centuries? Arafat has resurrected an extinct people known as Philistines, which he claims as ancestors.

And, more importantly, Lebanon is a real country, with a real history – a nation that still exists. Arafat’s Palestine has never existed as a nation-state in the history of the world.

While Arafat fights not for freedom, but for death and destruction of the Jewish people, this new PLO would fight only for freedom and independence for Lebanon.

Arafat has become one of the wealthiest men in the world playing his game of terrorist extortion. He funnels billions of dollars sent to him to aid his people and his cause into his own personal bank accounts.

Still, the world is infatuated with the plight of Arafat’s imaginary Palestinians. So, I hope the formation of the Phoenician Liberation Organization will give the world a reason to care about Lebanon.

It’s clear the world – including the United States – is not going to lift a finger to help the real people of Lebanon. Perhaps the Lebanese need an angle to attract attention to their plight.

Thus, the new PLO.

And we don’t need to make up stories of oppression and homeland theft as Arafat did to make the case for a free Lebanon.

Between 20,000 and 35,000 Syrian troops deny Lebanon – one of only two Middle East nations with a recent history of representative government – its sovereignty and freedom. In addition to the military force, Syria has encouraged the emigration of some 1 million of its citizens to Lebanon, straining the economy and altering the demographics of the country.

In addition, under Syrian control, Lebanon has become a haven for terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. It has become a major producer of heroin and other drugs.

Syrian domination has resulted in the worst imaginable human-rights abuses. People just disappear off the streets. Lebanon once boasted the freest press in the Middle East. Today, it’s gone, replaced by official and semi-official voices only.

Syria has occupied Lebanon since 1976. President Hafez Assad has died and his son, Bashar, has assumed control in Damascus. Yet there is not even the slightest indication that Syria is interested in negotiating a withdrawal – let alone proceeding in the direction of a good-faith, unilateral pullout.

Arafat’s PLO demanded the creation of a state that never existed. All my PLO requires is the freeing of a nation that has always existed. Here are my PLO’s demands:

  • Syria must leave Lebanon forever.

  • Terrorist groups like Hezbollah must be disarmed.

  • Lebanon must be restored to its structure of representative government by allowing freedom of worship and free elections.

Simple. No hidden agendas. No shakedown efforts. No genocidal plans.

Who will come to the aid of this PLO?

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