The PLO: America’s next battle

By Michael Evans

America’s next battle in the war on terrorism should be fought against the PLO and its founder, the godfather of world terrorism, Yasser Arafat. Israel cannot win its war against terrorism alone. Israel has no silver bullet to dispatch the PLO network being fed by the Islamic world, but America does: It alone can shut off the economic support that pours in weekly by the millions.

Arafat and his PLO organization have been working all summer in an attempt to discredit President Bush’s peace plan as irrelevant. Why? President Bush labeled Arafat as “irrelevant.” It appears that Arafat is succeeding.

The PLO is still considered the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people … an amazing feat to have a terrorist organization demanding a state. Arafat has played the terrorism card, and has utilized Hamas and Islamic Jihad as his weapons of choice. Now, he is calling for the appointment of a new interior minister in charge of his security forces. This post was formerly held by Mahmoud Abbas. This would give Arafat a bigger voice in negotiations. All key decisions would have to be referred to him for approval.

All the terrorist organizations and terrorist-harboring nations have one thing in common: They all support PLO terrorism. Islamic dictatorships throughout the world stir up their masses by justifying terrorism in the name of the PLO cause, rather than dealing with their own shortcomings. They have brainwashed their populations into believing the West, in general, and Israel, specifically, is the root of all of their problems.

Israel is the only nation in modern times that has been pressured to give a terrorist organization part of its territory. But despite Israel’s attempts to comply, it has suffered more terrorism per capita than any nation on Earth, while PLO-controlled territory has become a world distribution center for the exportation of the H-bomb (human bomb.)

PLO terrorism is not about land. If it were, then the PLO would have accepted the Barak-Clinton Camp David proposal. It’s about eradicating Zionism and the Jewish state. Its strategy of using terrorism as a tool to achieve its goals has never changed. America has put pressure on Arafat to control terrorism, and for brief interludes terrorism decreased drastically. This proves one thing: If Arafat can curb terrorism he can also incite terrorism. And while he was recently turning down the flame of terrorism, he used the time to organize a shipment of some 50 tons of armaments on the Karine A.

In an article in the New York Times on Feb. 3, Arafat stated, “To stop terrorism, we must understand that terrorism is simply a symptom, not the disease.” That logic contradicts the entire Bush Doctrine on America’s war against terrorism … that there is no justification for terror.

If Americans buy into Arafat’s premise, it will mean a protracted ride on the back of the terror tiger. Any attempt to root out global terrorism without plowing the soil in which it grows will only spread the virus more quickly. As long as Arafat lionizes suicide bombers as martyrs, the Jihad genie will stay unbottled. Arafat, who has compared himself to George Washington, can denounce terrorism because he has redefined its meaning.

Arafat’s “gift” is in destroying states – as he tried to do in Jordan and Lebanon in the ’70s and ’80s – not building one. If Arafat were truly loved by the Palestinian people, thousands of Palestinians would not have fled his regime to become American citizens. The truth is, Arafat is a dictator and a terrorist who has been instrumental in killing even more Palestinians than he has Jews.

Israel cannot mobilize a global coalition to see that a terrorist like Arafat who has killed innocent civilians throughout the world – including dozens of Americans – is extradited and brought to justice, but America can.