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The notion that guns are evil is one of the most dishonest and hypocritical arguments of the left. The fact that Rosie O’Donnell ranted and screamed about banning guns, then employed an armed bodyguard for her kids, should have given any intelligent person cause to distrust the anti-gun crowd. “Whether or not my family is in need of armed guards,” she told People magazine, “that doesn’t change my position on gun control.”

Ironically, Rosie maintained that she and her three children needed protection because of threats made against her as a result of her outspoken stance on gun control. In other words, if she and her family are threatened, then they should be protected with guns. However, if you and your family are threatened, you should not be allowed access to guns. Very nice.

Guns save lives

The gun-haters start with the basic premise that guns are bad. You shouldn’t have them in your house because they’re dangerous, they say. I should let you know right from the start that handguns are used for protection against criminals in America nearly 2 million times per year. That’s up to five times more often than they’re used to commit crimes and nearly 128 times the total number of murders in the United States. Those stats alone are good enough to blow any anti-gun argument out of the water, but there’s more. According to the National Crime Victimization Surveys, people who use guns to defend themselves are less likely to be attacked or injured than people who use other methods of protection or don’t defend themselves at all.

Robert A. Waters chronicled many such stories in his book “The Best Defense” (Cumberland House). In one of the most gripping accounts, Waters tells of a psychotic serial killer who brutalized his victims before killing them. One woman was found dead with a gun shoved in her vagina. Wayne Nance was one of the most sadistic killers in American history, and he attempted to make a couple in Missoula, Mont., Kris and Doug Wells, his 11th and 12th victims. That proved to be his fatal mistake. You see, Nance had chosen a couple who kept guns in the house.

Nance had been stalking Kris, and when Doug surprised him outside the couple’s home, the killer shot him in the back of the head. Dazed and bleeding from a deep scalp wound, Doug struggled with his assailant from the garage into the house. Amazed that Doug was even still alive, Nance pounded him with a length of pipe and finally prevailed. After grabbing Kris and tying her to the bed frame in the couple’s bedroom, Nance took Doug to the basement and tied him to a post. Doug, a gunsmith by profession, had earlier placed an antique lever-action Savage Model 99G Take-Down rifle near his workbench in the basement. He knew that if he could get to it, he and his wife might have a chance.

Doug had been shot, bound and beaten nearly to death, but Nance still stabbed him in the chest with an oak-handle kitchen knife, puncturing one of his lungs. The killer then left to have his way with Kris, most assuredly intending to kill her afterward, as he had done with so many of his other victims. Somehow, Doug managed to muster enough strength to break loose from the clothesline that bound him. He grabbed the Savage, loaded it, and waited, knowing that if he headed upstairs for the bedroom, Nance would surely use Kris as a shield. Doug banged the butt of the rifle against the wall to get Nance’s attention. The ploy worked. Nance raced back toward the basement stairs, and as soon as he came into view Doug let him have it with the Savage.

In the meantime, Kris had managed to free herself except for one arm. Hearing the shot, she feared that Nance had killed her husband. Doug managed to stumble up the stairs, and when he saw the wounded Nance begin to rise, proceeded to pummel him with the butt of the rifle. As Nance crawled toward the bedroom, Doug continued to beat him with the gun until the butt splintered. By then, Nance was in range of the still-tethered Kris, who began to kick and punch him. Nance pulled his gun from its pouch on his belt and fired at Doug, missing him. His second shot caught Doug just above the knee, but Doug kept coming, beating Nance with the barrel of the rifle. In the process, he knocked the lamp off the bedside table, plunging the room into darkness. Doug heard another explosion, and as he lunged for the table where he kept a pistol, he hit the switch for the overhead light. When he grabbed the handgun and trained it on Nance, who lay on the floor convulsing and twitching, Doug saw that the criminal had shot himself.

Wayne Nance died a few hours later. Doug Wells miraculously recovered from his wounds, and his wife, Kris, was not physically harmed. Care to wonder what would have happened had Doug Wells not had a gun in the house? Want to guess how many other innocent victims Wayne Nance might have slain had Doug Wells not killed him? This is but one example of literally millions of times that guns have saved lives, something the anti-gun nuts don’t want you to know. But now you do.

Rosie O’Donnell and the rest of the anti-gun advocates have been galvanized in recent years by the highly publicized school shootings, which they point to as the reason we need more gun control. That’s an emotional response and not one based in fact. These shootings are indeed tragic, and steps must be taken to stop them, but banning guns is not the answer. Actually, banning guns is adding to the problem. Research shows that people who commit these heinous murders have absolutely no regard for any kind of law, much less laws which prohibit them from carrying a gun onto a particular property. The only thing that will stop them is somebody else with a gun.

By now you’re probably familiar with the 1997 school shooting in Pearl, Miss. What you may not know, and what wasn’t widely reported, is that after the shooting started, an assistant principal ran outside to get his own gun from his automobile, which by law had to be parked 1,000 feet from the school because there was a firearm in it. He then held his gun on the killer, physically immobilizing the shooter before he could cause additional harm. In the school-related shooting in Edinboro, Penn., which left one teacher dead, a citizen who happened upon the scene held a shotgun on the offender while the young man was reloading his gun, preventing him from killing again. The police didn’t arrive for another 10 minutes. Yet, the anti-gun crowd screams for more gun control. Thank God someone with a gun was present at Pearl and Edinboro. Imagine how less tragic Columbine could’ve been if only some responsible citizen with a gun had been there to stop it.

My friend comedian James Gregory, billed as “the Funniest Man in America,” puts the school shooting issue in simple terms. He says the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. It’s documented that they had guns. They built the first schoolhouse in 1625. We went about 350 years in this country before there was a school shooting. Obviously, guns aren’t the problem.

What is particularly confounding is the media’s refusal to recognize the role guns play in thwarting crime. At the Appalachian School of Law in January 2002, a gunman killed three people before, as The Washington Post reported, “Three students pounced on the gunman and held him until help arrived.” They failed to mention that these students “pounced” after holding a gun on the assailant, forcing the gunman to drop his.

Another account from the Associated Press seems to purposely omit the part about the guys subduing the gunman with their own guns: “Todd Ross, 30, of Johnson City, Tenn., was among the students who were outside when Odighizuwa (the gunman) left the building. Ross said the suspect was holding his hands in the air and dropped the gun at his prompting.” The story didn’t mention that the “prompting” was done with the business end of a gun. One would have to go out of his way not to report that a gun saved lives at Appalachian School of Law. I guess the truth is too politically incorrect to be printed. Apparently, it doesn’t fit some of the leftwing reporters’ agenda – an agenda to rid this country of guns. That’s really what all this comes down to. If there were not a concerted agenda on the part of many in the news media to rid the United States of guns, you would have equal attention given to other forms of murder. Glaring examples of the double standard can be found in some of this country’s most high-profile murders. Something overlooked by many in the so-called “Crime of the Century,” the O. J. Simpson trial, was that Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were not murdered with a gun, they were stabbed to death.

That may be an obvious point, but it shifted a lot of the focus. In every high-profile murder case involving guns, you get the usual plea from the gun-snatchers to ban all guns. The Sept. 11 terrorists used box cutters to take over the planes. Where was the outcry to ban knives and box cutters in the wake of those murders?

Valentine continues the chapter by discussing compelling statistics that show crime decreases when right-to-carry laws are loosened.

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