Arafat, PLO have got to go!

By Michael Evans

Arafat and the PLO have got to go! The Palestinian people can never have peace, nor can Israel, as long as the terrorist organization presides over their destinies.

So far, Arafat has gotten away with murder, not only of U.S. diplomats, but dozens of other Americans and thousands of other innocent victims.

Arafat has worn out five U.S. presidents and five Israeli prime ministers with his lies. During the 43rd General Assembly in Geneva, Arafat convened a special press conference during which I challenged him to denounce the PLO charter. He responded by screaming for me to shut up, and threatened to striptease for me if I didn’t.

The Arab League “accepted the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinian people.” Why? Because America helped save Israel during the Yom Kippur War! For that action, we got Arafat, an oil embargo and a terrorist organization to do the Arab League’s dirty work.

Arafat’s brand of terrorism and his defiance have increased, jeopardizing the peace of the world.

President George W. Bush refused to negotiate with a terrorist-harboring Taliban. Why should Israel continue to negotiate with an unapologetic terrorist organization? The Palestinian people can have a genuinely peaceful life, but in order for this to happen, the PLO and its terrorist godfather must be uprooted, along with all terrorist organizations in the territories. The Egyptian-born Arafat assumed control of the PLO in 1964, simply because he was the worst terrorist in the world at the time, and still is.

Israel cannot freeze the billions Arafat has stolen from the Palestinian people, but America can. The U.S. must impound Arafat’s bank accounts and utilize the billions of dollars to build schools, hospitals and economic enterprises for the Palestinian people. Israel cannot mobilize the world to help the Palestinians form a democracy and rid the territories of a terrorist dictatorship, but America and the world community can.

America cannot win the war on terrorism and at the same time legitimize the world’s most infamous terrorist and his PLO organization.

Jimmy Carter’s election to the presidency opened up a Pandora’s Box of problems. U.S. foreign policy has still not recovered from his liberal course of action. When the Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolutionary regime took American Embassy employees hostage in Iran in November of 1979, Carter turned to the PLO to intercede for their release. As a result, 13 were set free.

Israel cannot get other democracies to stand with it in this battle, but America can. It can do the same for the Palestinian people – after terrorism has been rooted out.

The bottom line is this: The Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987, Public Law 100-204, Section 5202, calls for the PLO to receive no U.S. funds, or to receive anything of value, or to maintain an office or headquarters in the U.S.

Past presidents have held this law up on a National Security Waiver since the first time it crossed the presidential desk. The president must pass Public Law 100-204; otherwise the would-be Osama’s of the world will conclude that crime does pay … as long as you do it the Arafat way.

Now that Arafat has played his card, fired Abbas, and installed his handpicked prime minister, it’s time to apply the Bush Doctrine. In his speech following the Sept. 11 attack, President Bush stated so eloquently that nations who support, aid or harbor terrorists are enemies of the United States.

The PLO sided with Hitler during World War II, sided with Russia during the Cold War, sided with Saddam Hussein, and with the repressive Syrian dictatorship, and supports terrorist regimes throughout the world. How does it differ from the Taliban?

On Feb. 12, 1986, 47 senators sent a letter to the U.S. Justice Department demanding the indictment of Arafat for the brutal murders of ambassador Cleo Noel and Charge d’Affaires C. Curtis Moore in Khartoum, Sudan. Nothing has been done yet – but there is no statute of limitations on murder. And Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor recently pointed out that the State Department even has an audiotape of Arafat giving the order to have the American diplomats killed.

The Bush Doctrine works to:

  1. Expose terrorist groups.

  2. Freeze terrorist accounts.

  3. Destroy terrorist objectives (the surest way to prevent future attacks).

  4. Strike enemy targets.