Judge sides with Gibson
in France, won’t ban film

3 brothers argue movie would cause
resurgence of violence toward Jews


Gibson convinced
‘evil all around us’

Film director says Bible ‘R-rated book,’
people susceptible to unseen influences


Gibson film violates ‘hate crime’ statutes?
Group wants Ashcroft to investigate, claims movie caused attacks on Jews

Andy Rooney slammed for ripping Gibson
‘Wacko’ comment drew biggest response all time to ’60 Minutes’

Pope says Gibson film not anti-Semitic
Response to rabbi’s request to formally condemn blockbuster film

‘Protection squad’
for Gibson’s Jesus

Security detail hired for James Caviezel as execs think movie’s main stars targeted

Creator of film’s score ‘battled with Satan’

Musician: ‘He was in my room a lot’ during movie production


ADL: Thumbs down
on final version

Jewish organization laments Gibson did not listen to its concerns

Church marquee:
‘Jews Killed Jesus’

Pastor won’t remove message timed for release of Gibson film

Gibson film ignites passionate reaction
Woman reportedly dies from heart attack, theater owner threatened for showing it

Violent film lovers
suddenly sensitive

Critics who praised decapitations
in ‘Gladiator’ blast Gibson movie


Andy Rooney: Mel Gibson a ‘nut case’
Satirical monologue suggests ‘wacko’ filmmaker motivated by greed

President Bush wants to see Gibson film
First lady also interested in controversial movie on Christ’s suffering

Gibson discusses film with James Dobson
‘Focus’ founder says it ‘created in me an even greater love for Jesus’

ADL chief to Church:
Repudiate Gibson film

Foxman tells Vatican officials to make clear movie doesn’t reflect Catholic policy on Jews


Gibson: ‘It’s not a blame game’
‘Passion’ about ‘faith, hope, love and forgiveness’

Catholics plan ‘Passion’ evangelism
New website urges faithful to use film in sharing with family, friends

Aussie Jews: ‘Passion’ won’t provoke hostility
As in U.S., thousands snatching up tickets ahead of premiere

Dobson: Liberal media can’t stomach ‘Passion
Real problem is film’s ‘audacity’ to show Christ as ‘Savior of mankind’

Report: ‘Passion’ to omit ‘anti-Semitic’ scene
Jewish high priest says ‘His blood be on us and on our children’

Gibson: I was ‘spiritually bankrupt’
‘Passion’ producer opens up as film generates unprecedented buzz

Gibson adding pro-Jewish ending to ‘Passion’?
Evangelical leader describes dramatic anti-Semitism discussion after screening

Gibson insists pope commented on ‘Passion’
Says Vatican gave OK to publicize ‘It is as it was’ despite denials

Is pope passionate about Gibson film?
Trans-Atlantic e-mails stir controversy over validity of ‘It is as it was’ quote

Report: Pope didn’t comment on ‘Passion’
Producer had said pontiff made positive remark after seeing Gibson film

The pope approves
of ‘The Passion’

John Paul II’s response after viewing Mel Gibson film: ‘It is as it was’

Vatican officials praise
Gibson’s ‘Passion’

Insist controversial film on Christ’s death accurate, not anti-Semitic

‘Passion’ tickets on sale
Mel Gibson’s company offers advance purchases

Billy Graham screens ‘The Passion of the Christ’
Evangelist calls Mel Gibson film ‘ faithful to the Bible’s teaching’

Lightning strikes ‘Jesus’ on film set
But actor portraying Christ in Mel Gibson’s upcoming film miraculously escapes injury

Gibson signs distribution deal
‘The Passion’ set for Ash Wednesday release

ADL chief calls Gibson ‘anti-Semite’
Abraham Foxman lashes out at actor over statements about ‘The Passion’

Gibson’s sin: Faithful film?
New Yorker article concludes
‘The Passion’ is Gospel-true


A passionate Mel Gibson strikes back against critics
‘I want to kill him, I want his intestines on a stick, I want to kill his dog’

Mel Gibson working
with Jewish leaders

ADL rep screens ‘The Passion,’ breaks
confidentiality agreement


Mel Gibson guided by faith
Director builds church, credits
Holy Ghost for new movie


Bishops respond
to Mel Gibson flap

U.S. Conference disavows report
critical of ‘Passion’ movie


Mel Gibson to sue
religious groups?

Actor reportedly threatened to file suit over criticism of Jesus film

Mel Gibson under attack
for Jesus film?

Actor-director believes enemies
are trying to discredit him


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The sins of the father
Joseph Farah defends Gibson
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In defense of Mel Gibson
Cynthia Grenier questions motives
of ‘The Passion’ critics


Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion’: Most offensive film ever made
Elizabeth Farah tells why movie will upset people, predicts its future

‘The Passion’ revisited
David Limbaugh pulls no punches in describing Mel Gibson’s new movie

Real anti-Semitism
Joseph Farah mystified by ADL’s
battle against Mel Gibson, support of Abbas


Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion’
Joseph Farah praises movie, whacks
ADL for insulting Christians


Mel Gibson’s passion
for ‘The Passion’

David Limbaugh defends actor’s courage, faith against media assault

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