National Rifle Association executive director and WND Books author Wayne LaPierre will be among guest speakers appearing at an annual gun-rights conference in Houston later this month.

The 18th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, scheduled for Sept. 26-28 at the Airport Marriott Hotel, will serve as a forum for grass-roots and seasoned gun-rights activists alike, according to organizers of the event.

“We’ve got to work together to plan our future victories in the battle to prevent the gun grabbers from attacking our rights,” says Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation.

Gottlieb says the event this year comes on the heels of “major victories” in several states regarding the passage or strengthening of concealed-carry laws.

“The people of Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan and Minnesota are safer now that their fundamental right to self defense is affirmed in their legal system,” he said.

Also, as WorldNetDaily reported, Missouri lawmakers overrode a veto last week by Gov. Bob Holden of concealed-carry legislation.

The event is hailed by gun-rights activists as one of the most productive of the year.

“It allows the vitally important grass-roots activists of the gun-rights movement to meet with nationally famous leaders,” said a press release announcing the event.

Organizers said this year’s meeting was important because, with the war in Iraq, “gun-grabbers are again trying to focus their attentions on removing law-abiding American citizens’ rights to own firearms.”

Also attending the conference is Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas; noted gun-rights legal analyst and author John Lott Jr.; Gottlieb; former GOP congressman from Georgia Bob Barr; and representatives from Virginia-based Gun Owners of America, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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