Everyone at WND deeply appreciates the huge response to my recent letter about securing the future of WorldNetDaily. We’re really grateful for the loyalty and thoughtfulness of so many readers. Thank you.

Now to the business at hand. There is another way you can support WorldNetDaily, something that helps us out significantly, yet costs you no money and less than a minute of your time. I’m serious.

I’m talking about our WND e-mail alerts.

I am asking every single person reading this column – except for those few who are hoping we go up in flames – to do the following: When you come to the end of this short column, click on the link to “WND e-mail alerts,” type in your e-mail address, click “OK,” and then click “Submit.”

I just timed myself with a stopwatch, and it took just about 30 seconds from the time I clicked the link at the bottom of this page till I was done. But let’s double that for you dial-up folks and call it a minute.

Let me tell you what you get when you sign up for our e-mail alerts, and then I’ll tell you why it benefits us more than you might think.

What you get is: 1) immediate notice of the latest major breaking news, 2) today’s WND highlights, 3) the immensely popular and very funny WND BACKROOM, which provides all the behind-the-scenes, insider details of what’s going on at WorldNetDaily, and 4) advertising.

(By the way, as our privacy policy clearly states on the sign-up page, we absolutely do not and will not ever give your name or information to another organization. You probably could have guessed that.)

Now, here’s how your 60-second participation helps us:

WorldNetDaily.com – your beloved daily newspaper, which we faithfully deliver to your desk every day, for free – is kept afloat primarily through Whistleblower magazine, but also through a combination of book and tape sales and advertising. And a significant part of all that commercial activity happens through our e-mail alert program.

Very simply: The more people we have signed up to receive our e-mail alerts, the greater the advertising revenues we receive from those alerts. Believe me, it’s very important to us.

Of course, lots of fundraising pitches include statements like: “If everyone reading this just contributed $5 …” or “If everyone reading this just contributed $1 …” or “If everyone reading this just contributed 25 cents a week – we’d have our funding needs taken care of for a year.”

The problem is, not everyone is going to respond to such appeals. In fact, only a fraction will respond, because it costs them money and time and effort to do so.

But what if the cost is free, and the time involved less than one minute? (Actually, if you want the free WorldNetDaily bumper sticker offered when you sign up, you need to fill in your mailing address so we can send it to you – so add a minute more for that.)

How about it? Will you accept this great WND resource – FREE – especially when it really helps us out so much?

If that isn’t a win-win deal, I don’t know what is. My sincere thanks in advance to each and every person who participates.

Sign up for free WND e-mail alerts.

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