The University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, is hosting a special seminar entitled “Bondage 101” to teach participants how to use ropes safely in a sexual context.

UVIC Pride is the sponsoring organization, a group dedicated to “representing queer, trans and intersex people and allies on campus,” according to its website.

A recent e-mail sent from UVIC Pride provides the details of the “hands-on” class, complete with instruction on what type of rope to bring to the session. The three-hour seminar is scheduled for the evening of Oct. 22 and costs each participating couple $15.

The informational e-mail said, in part:

With the Bondage 101 workshop just around the corner here’s what you need to know:

  1. You will be working with a partner for the duration of this workshop, and it will be hands-on and interactive. The cost of this workshop will be $15 dollars a couple/pair (cost will not be a barrier to participation). Maximum of 15 pairs. If you are late you may miss out on some of the fundamentals, so please try to be on time.

  2. You will need to bring the following items:

    100′ of 3/8″ braided rope, cut into 1×50 and 2×25 pieces, ends finished with whipping or burned or tape (temporarily). Rope can be nylon. Other options: 1/4 to 1/2 inch also works; 1/2 inch is bulky, 1/4 cuts a bit much when tight. Cotton rope (sash cord) or other synthetics (not polypropylene) are OK. Hemp (6-8mm) would be wonderful. Twisted rather than braided is also OK.

    * Please have these lengths pre-cut and remember to tape your ends before cutting them.

    ** Canadian Tire or marine store is the easiest place to purchase your rope. Braided nylon rope will run you around $.18/foot.

  3. Please bring a blanket and/or padding for the floor. Sleeping bags work nicely as do foamies. A kneeling pillow or cushion is also a good thing to have for any of you that are not as young as you used to be!

  4. Please dress in suitable attire for rope work. Loose, baggy garments can get in the way of ropes and tight, constricting clothing is totally unsuitable. Body suits, leotards, bathing suits are all excellent choices … nudity is fun too but won’t be an option until after the workshop when you go home. … *wink*

  5. The workshop is being facilitated by Fisherman and Ralph, local bondage aficionado’s/experts from the Sagacity Group of Victoria. Thanks guys!

  6. You will be learning the way of the rope and rope safety skills. Come prepared to participate!!

Michael Joyce, chairman of UVIC Pride, told WorldNetDaily this is the first time Bondage 101 has been offered at the university.

Joyce explained that the local group Sagacity runs the class and that “they also offer a Bondage 102 for only those who have taken 101, as the skills build with each workshop. [Bondage 101] focuses on rope work only.”

He says the event, which is open to participants of all sexual orientations, is not meant to be part of the university’s curriculum.

“This is an informal, fun event,” he said. “It is not an official University of Victoria class. It is a one-day workshop.”

Joyce pointed out the university does not subsidize the event and that the class fees go to the Sagacity instructors. Sagacity describes itself on its website as “a place where folks that enjoy BDSM, alternative lifestyles, kink and fetish gather to talk, laugh, socialize, share, and learn. At Sagacity, we welcome each and every individual and rejoice in sharing our experiences and friendships.”

According to Joyce, no one at the University of Victoria has expressed opposition to the class, but there “was concern about safety and liability.”

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