Remember the days when the press believed its highest calling was to serve as a vigilant watchdog on government fraud, waste, abuse and corruption?

Those days are long gone.

Today, too many in the media – Dan Rather and CBS News among them – apparently see their primary mission as to bring as much of American private life under the realm of government control.

Take CBS’ recent “expose” on homeschooling, for example.

The two-part report, “The Dark Side of Homeschooling,” focused on a handful of child-abuse cases from the past decade.

In his introduction to the report Monday night, CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather intoned:

You’ve heard the success stories, and there are many. This homeschooled child won a big spelling bee. That child a geography bee. And most parents involved in homeschooling have their childrens’ best interest at heart. But in an Eye on America investigation, CBS’ Vince Gonzales uncovered a dark side to this largely unregulated system of education.

Rather introduced Tuesday’s segment by again noting “homeschooling is largely unregulated.”

The CBS investigation, he said, “reports how some children have suffered abuse – and much worse – while no one was watching.”

CBS better be careful, or the network may find no one watching Dan Rather, either.

This isn’t just an example of biased, slanted, ideologically distorted media at work. It’s an illustration of the way the media have forgotten their mission – to watchdog government, the gravest threat to freedom in any society.

CBS and other establishment news organs now seem to think their primary job is to create imaginary crises – like homeschoolers losing their lives because of abusive parents – and lay the groundwork for a solution imposed by more intrusive, more costly, more pervasive government regulations.

When was the last time CBS did an expose on abuse in the government schools?

Some people say America’s government schools are performing so badly and miseducating children so profoundly that the dumbing-down process must be part of a deliberate conspiracy.

I tend to disagree because, knowing the nature of government and how inefficient it is, if government were deliberately trying to make our kids dumber, they would likely be much smarter.

Such is my faith in government’s ability to achieve results – even bad results.

But whether or not it’s a deliberate plot to dumb down our kids – intellectually and morally – it’s time for you to put a stop to it.

What can you do?

Don’t write letters to CBS. Don’t write letters to your congressman. Don’t write letters to anyone.

Let me tell you about one surefire way to get results and get our country back on track. I guarantee it will work if even 10 to 20 percent of Americans follow my advice. And, best of all, this strategy is something that will save your children from unhappiness, ignorance and abuse by the government – even if it does not touch off a freedom revolution.

Pull your children out of the clutches of the government schools.

It’s the right thing to do for your kids and for your country.

Some 3 million kids in America are now being taught at home – a direct result of the declining standards of government schools.

When that number reaches 5 million, critical mass will have been reached. The whole system will begin to implode. It will mark the beginning of the end of the government monopoly on schools in America. It will mark the beginning of a peaceful revolution not unlike the one we witnessed a decade ago in the Soviet Union.

It starts with people saying no. It starts with awareness and resistance. It starts with saving your kids from abuse and indoctrination.

It starts with not listening to “the cultural elite” and people like Dan Rather.

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