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Terrorists in Saudi Arabia have raised more than $500 million through illegal narcotics trafficking and have used the money to purchase weapons and explosives.

The Saudi-owned London newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat quoted sources as saying that drug traffickers and terrorists are closely cooperating.

The information was obtained from recent raids in Saudi Arabia carried out by Saudi security services, which found arms smuggled into the kingdom from Yemen.

The most recent discovery occurred last month on the Yemeni border and included a large quantity of weapons, primarily rocket-propelled grenades and explosives.

“These sources also revealed that the financing of weapons purchases and supporting terrorist elements and cells was done by drug dealers,” the report stated.

Al-Qaida has been involved in drug trafficking for many years, especially during the time it operated freely inside Afghanistan, one of the world’s largest producers of heroin base.

The weapons and drugs have been smuggled on camels and donkeys as well as in cars, trucks and in compartments within tankers and refrigerated trucks.

One recent seizure netted 20 tons of high explosives.

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