Those who deny that Christians and Christianity are the targets of secularists in a culture war need only look at the past week’s news, contends David Limbaugh, author of the New York Times best-selling book “Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging Political War Against Christianity

Limbaugh’s new release – now No. 9 on the Times non-fiction list – asserts the daily headlines are not isolated incidents but part of a “systematic, comprehensive assault” on Christianity at all levels of society.

In the last week, to name only a couple of items, the Supreme Court decided to review a decision outlawing “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and a highly decorated army general, William Boykin, was castigated as a Holy Warrior because, said Limbaugh, “he had the audacity openly to declare his faith in the God of the Bible.”

Limbaugh, whose syndicated column originated with WorldNetDaily, told WND he wrote the book because he “continued to witness assaults on Christianity in our society, in public schools, in universities, in the government sector, in the court, in Hollywood, the media – and it’s even started to happen in the private sector.”

“I want Christians to be aware that there is a culture war going on, that we are the targets, our worldview is the target and we need to fight back,” he said.

While trying to “wake up” Christians, he said he also is appealing to “open-minded secular lovers of liberty who might not be Christians but who can be fair-minded and view the claims I’m making on their merits.”

The book, ranked No. 29 on’s sales list, has three parts, examining the “fight” for public schools and universities, the battle in the public sector and the “war in perspective,” featuring interviews with six Christian leaders.

“I think readers will find their answers very enlightening and fascinating,” said Limbaugh, an attorney in Cape Girardeau, Mo., and brother of talk-host Rush Limbaugh.

Some of David Limbaugh’s critics insist the book is not about persecution of Christians but of a particularly strict brand of Christianity called fundamentalism.

“Liberals can say they are Christians; I’m not going to challenge the authenticity of their faith claim,” Limbaugh responded. “The purpose of my book is not to demonize liberals anyway. The purpose of my book is to point to the fact that secularists are waging a war against Christianity and the Christian worldview.”

Limbaugh said “it so happens” that most secularists are political liberals.

“Now if political liberals want to show the authenticity of their faith,” he said, “they ought to get in this culture war on the side of those who are trying to stand up for a Christian worldview.”

Others who question his premise argue polls show a majority of Americans identify with Christian faith, and successful presidential candidates profess Christianity.

“The fact that there is a nominal majority of Christians in this country does not mean what I have described in this book isn’t going on,” he said. “Homosexuals are only 2 percent of the United States, and yet they are prevailing and forcing their values on the rest of our society.”

‘No separation’

Limbaugh contends secularists have gained much headway because of their misuse of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, which says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

Nowhere does the constitution refer to a “separation of church and state,” Limbaugh points out.

“The whole idea of separation of church and state is grounded in the notion that if you separate church and state you will promote religious liberty,” he said. “Well that’s a lie. When they separate church and state to the extent that they are doing, they in effect suppress religious liberty as applicable to Christians. It’s happening in case after case.”

The book is replete with examples, including many reported by WorldNetDaily, including:

Limbaugh believes some liberals deliberately misuse the Establishment clause while many are “sheep and following blindly and innocently.”

“There is clearly an overt effort to take references of Christianity out of our textbooks,” he said. “That’s deliberate. The people who do that have to know they are revising and distorting history.”

His book documents an ongoing effort to “support or endorse the secular worldview by these people and to impose these ideas on American society.”

“It is not a question of them getting equal treatment or equal rights,” he said, “they want special rights; they want Christians to have fewer rights. They don’t want Christians even to be able to articulate their beliefs in the public square, because they are, on their face, offensive.”

Christian views cannot exist side-by-side with the views of “radical secularists,” he says, because “they believe our ideas, many of them, are hate speech.”

He gave the example of a Roman Catholic public-school student who was told she could not present her belief that homosexuality is abnormal and sinful because if would disrupt the attitude of tolerance and kindness the school was seeking to achieve.

“So what happens is mind control,” he said, “an oppressive intolerance toward Christianity, all in the name of tolerance.”

Stalinist society?

Limbaugh believes if the trend continues “we might be able to piggy back on this freedom tradition for a generation or two longer, but eventually it’s going to implode around us, and we’re going to live in a Stalinist society.”

“We are not suggesting or advocating a theocracy,” he explained. “We’re advocating religious liberty for all, including Christians. We’re fully capable of competing in the market place of ideas. We’re just asking not to be discriminated against.”

Americans of his generation, or younger, were born into freedom and tend to take it for granted, he said: “We don’t realize what sacrifices went into making this freedom possible.”

The framers of the Constitution, he noted, warned it was made only for a moral and religious people, “which meant that if we deviate and throw away our absolute standards, because we can’t live up to them, then we will eventually undermine that foundation.”

Consequently, he continued, the “whole basis upon which our liberties rest will disintegrate.”

“It is no accident that we are the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world,” Limbaugh said. “We are formed on Judeo-Christian principles. If you take out that root, then eventually you get away from absolutes and get away from the notion that man was created in God’s image and entitled to dignity and respect and freedom.”

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