Where’s Solomon when we need him? He threatened to cut a baby in half, knowing the real mother wouldn’t allow that. He was correct.

In Florida, Judge George Greer of the Sixth Circuit Court isn’t attempting to be Solomon … he’s playing God.

What an outrage!

Bottom line: Michael Schiavo, the husband, wants his 39-year-old wife Terri, dead. He’s battled in court for 10 years, spending more than half a million dollars on legal fees to get a judge’s OK to have her feeding tube removed.

Judge Greer did that, consistently fending off Terri’s parents’ desperate attempts to stop the deliberate killing of their daughter. When they presented reasoned opposition to the husband’s case, Judge Greer refused to consider it. When they begged for therapy to help Terri learn to eat and drink again, he refused.

The feeding tube was pulled Oct. 15, condemning her to starve and dehydrate to death.

Michael Schiavo refused to allow her family to visit, or would he tell them her condition

Finally, Terri’s mother and priest were allowed to visit. Monsignor Thaddeus Malanowski, an elderly priest who’d ministered to Terri for three years, gave her Last Rites and wanted to administer Holy Communion. He wanted to place a tiny crumb, like a flake of a cracker, in Terri’s mouth.

Not only was he told “no” by one of Michael’s lawyers (who was one of two witnesses always in the room when any of Terri’s family are there) but, he was threatened by the armed policeman, always in the room.

Yes, armed, who informed the priest, that if he gave Terri communion, he would be arrested. (The priest was willing but Terri’s mother wouldn’t allow it.)

ARRESTED? For what? Communion without a permit?

What happened to Freedom of Religion? For all the talk about what’s being done to Terri Schiavo, little is mentioned about this additional outrage.

Maybe they’d have charged the priest with trespassing if he’d put the tiny piece of the Host in Terri’s mouth as she was moving along the road to court-ordered death.

That’s it! If he’d given her the Host, he’d have been trespassing on Michael’s property. That is exactly what Terri has become – just a piece of property owned by her husband, and one he wants to be rid of. After all, he has a girlfriend and a child with another on the way.

Michael is the only person in the world who can decide what can be done to and with his young wife who is brain damaged.

And not a word from women’s rights groups.

Terri’s been like that since she collapsed one evening in 1990. No one knows why despite media reports of heart attack or chemical imbalance.

A successful medical malpractice suit awarded over $1 million, with some $750,000 specifically for Terri’s care. Michael vowed to the jury he’d care for her for the rest of his life.

You decide.

He ordered no therapy of any kind for the last 12 years, even though doctors testified she could learn to eat on her own.

She went for seven years with no dental care, with nurses not permitted to brush her teeth.

He refused treatment for an infection, testifying later, he expected the infection to end her life.

Ten years ago, he put a “DNR” on her medical chart – Do Not Resuscitate – in the event a crisis occurred.

He made it difficult, if not impossible, for her parents or siblings to visit her, at times moving her secretly to another facility.

But Terri didn’t die. So five years ago, he hired high-powered, right-to-die lawyer George Felos, and told him that Terri had once said she didn’t want to live artificially sustained. No one ever heard that before, but it’s become the crux of the legal /media argument.

They’ve got it all wrong.

This isn’t about the “right to die,” it’s about the right to kill. She’s not on life support – she’s on food and water.

Michael Schiavo’s side rails that the new Florida law, signed by Gov. Jeb Bush, to order the reinsertion of the feeding tube is unconstitutional.

Michael’s lawyers sent a letter to area doctors threatening to sue them if they followed the new law and reinserted the tube! Despite that, it was done, after six days of starvation.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which consistently ignored family requests to consider the abridgement of Terri’s rights in the effort to keep her alive, is now supporting the husband.

It appears the AARP will do the same. Ironically, they’re signing away their rights to be humanely treated.

The dirty medical secret is that inconvenient people – sick, handicapped, old – are starved and dehydrated to death every day without their permission.

Is this what we want?

It is what we have. And Terri struggles to live.

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