Anybody taking an objective look at Europe today – the cradle of arts and philosophy, and the birthplace of democracy – would be sorely disappointed.

Where once the Ottoman Empire was described as “the sick man of Europe,” now it is Europe that is the sick man. The proverbial “enemy at the gates” is no longer at the gates, but inside.

Militant Islam has built a strong base in Europe and, rather than fight, Europe acquiesces. The Europeans tolerate areas of their cities that are now crime-ridden Muslim ghettos. They tolerate the fact that even the police dare not enter these areas. They hide the fact that tournante gang rapes are being committed with alarming frequency against white women in France, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. And they play along when Islamic groups hijack their legal systems to pursue anti-Jewish vendettas.

The situation reminds me of a National Geographic documentary I once saw about a lioness injured during a hunt. Initially, animals kept their distance from the lame lioness, deterred by the awesome reputation of her species. Eventually, a group of hyenas cautiously approached. As the hyenas circled her, all that was left of her power was her menacing snarl. The hyenas soon realized she was wounded, and the result, while distressing to watch, was inevitable.

So it is with Europe.

Europe has the veneer of strength: economic power, democratic institutions and thousands of men under arms. Yet, gnarled by two world wars and burdened by history, it is paralysed by asinine concepts of non-violence and moral relativism, and is too sick to fight a mortal enemy that now lives within its gates.

From Marseilles to Copenhagen, and most points in between, Europeans suicidally refuse to demand that their Muslim minorities (often making up 10 percent of the population) adapt to European norms if they wish to live in Europe.

Only proud Britain has shown some resistance to the Muslim goose step across European values. Germany, whose reputation for dealing with minorities is still fearsome, has also been less affected by the Islamic march.

As militant organizations such as al-Muhajiroun and the Arab European League begin to demand their “rights,” the stage has been set for a showdown between Europe and Islam.

Very soon, Europeans will be faced with the same choice as Americans and Israelis: fighting for the right to live in freedom, or buying burqas for their wives and daughters.

Doron Kescher is an Israeli currently based in the Asia-Pacific region working for a corporate advisory firm.

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