On her highly rated daytime TV show yesterday, Oprah Winfrey casually asked rocker Melissa Etheridge about her recent “marriage” to actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, failing to mention same-sex marriage is illegal in all 50 states.

Billed as featuring ” Music mega-stars – powerhouse women,” the show also included singers Dolly Parton and Shania Twain.

Melissa Etheridge (courtesy Hollywood.com)

In a teaser before a commercial break, Oprah told her viewers: “‘Coming up … we’ll talk to Melissa about her new marriage to actress Tammy Lynn Michaels. … back in a minute.”

In the next segment, Oprah spoke to all three women, who were sitting on the same couch.

”Melissa, you just got married to actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, and I hear it was at Dick Clark’s house. Is that in Malibu?” the host asked.

Later, Oprah offered: ”So you made the decision to marry. That’s bold.”

Responded Etheridge: ”Well, yes, it’s complicated. …”

Parton interjected, saying she believed in same-sex marriage.

Tammy Lynn Michaels (courtesy Hollywood.com)

Etheridge went on to describe her “marriage” ceremony and how she and Nichols “exchanged vows” in front of family and friends, including Hollywood stars Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.

According to Hollywood.com, Etheridge, 41, and Michaels, 28, exchanged custom-made platinum and diamond wedding bands during the September ceremony.

“Although a statement by the singer’s publicist described the couple as married,” said the report, “homosexual couples cannot legally marry in California. The two met two years ago and live in Southern California with Etheridge’s daughter and son, which she had through artificial insemination using a sperm donation from rocker David Crosby.”

Etheridge’s new “bride” was in Oprah’s studio audience for the broadcast.

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