Time to stop killing babies

By Jill Stanek

A few pro-lifers have complained in recent months that the partial-birth abortion (hereafter referred to as PBA) ban won’t stop one abortion.

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, told Agape News in June, “I just find it terribly disconcerting that all these members of Congress have gotten together to have a ‘parade’ about a bill that won’t stop any abortion.”

Brown maintained – probably correctly – that abortionists would simply shift to another abortion method when forced to abandon PBA.

Pro-lifer Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, agreed, stating, “[The] partial-birth abortion ban is a political scam, but a public relations goldmine … This bill, if it becomes law, may not save one child’s life … The major benefit of this bill is the debate that surrounds it.”

Both NARAL and pro-abortion Democrat U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein jumped on Terry’s statement to prop their argument that a PBA ban was pointless, quoting him in press releases and Senate debates.

I respect both Brown and Terry as standard bearers in the pro-life movement.

But scrutiny of the PBA ban cannot be isolated to the procedure itself and whether or not another abortion method will be conjured up to replace it. We cannot overlook one human atrocity for fear of being outsmarted with another.

Nor can we ignore these killings while on a quest for the perfect pro-life bill to present to a perfect legislature to be signed by a perfect president to stand up under a perfect court’s scrutiny. Like Schindler, we must try to save any we can, when we can.

But the PBA ban stands for so much more. As the first law limiting abortion in the 30 years since Roe v. Wade made it legal, it is a history marker. When history books are written on the abortion war, Nov. 5, 2003, will be the point acknowledged as the day the war turned, the day pro-life victory could be palpated.

And the 9-year PBA debate has served a much larger purpose. Winning the war against abortion is not about changing law. It is about changing hearts and minds. And, man, has the PBA debate done that.

“They ran away with this debate in the public domain by constantly describing this procedure,” said Kate Michelman, president of NARAL, to the New York Times on Oct. 23.

But it wasn’t just the PBA debate that pro-lifers ran away with. It was the abortion debate itself.

Poll after poll corroborates that public sentiment has shifted against abortion since the mid-90s, when PBA was first publicized. Dr. Ray Adamek, emeritus professor of sociology at Kent State University, analyzed 31 Gallup polls that asked the same question of Americans over the course of three decades, “Do you think abortion should be legal under any circumstances, legal only under certain circumstances, or illegal in all circumstances?”

Adamek determined, “As measured by this question, pro-choice sentiment generally increased from 1975 to 1995 and decreased thereafter, probably due in large part to the partial-birth abortion debate. Correspondingly, pro-life sentiment decreased initially but has generally increased since 1996.”

The other side knows this, making their actions now macabrely fascinating to watch – sickening, really – like watching a mass suicide. They rush to file lawsuits that will only keep the debate alive, damned if they fight it and damned if they don’t. Damned.

There they are exposed, because the PBA debate has flushed them out of their holes. The blood of massacred children is all over their hands and faces, and they can’t escape the eyes of America now upon them.

And there they are screaming, trying to rally troops that are dwindling only because they killed off their replacements, screaming that the PBA ban is but the first step toward outlawing abortion. “There was panic among the army in the field and all the troops in the military post. The raiding party also trembled in fear. The earth shook, and there was a panic sent from God” (I Samuel 14:15).

Read what they are saying on their websites. They are not crying Chicken Little this time. The pro-abortion sky is falling.

Pro-lifers cried when President Clinton refused twice to sign the PBA ban. But the lengthened abortion discourse his vetoes caused helped begin the shift in America from its culture of death to a culture of life. The true commander in chief knows how to run the war. We are only called to fight. Hallelujah.

So to address the concerns of some pro-lifers, no, the PBA ban won’t save one life. It will save millions.