“I’ve come to the conclusion that one can do a lot more about the issues I care about by changing the government than by pushing the issues.”

– George Soros

George Soros’ $15-million gift to Democratic front organzations MoveOn.org and ACT (Americans Coming Together) arrived with a pledge of $75 million more. Does it bother me that a Hungarian financier and self-described “citizen of the world” thinks ridding the world of George Bush “is a matter of life and death”? Hardly. Does it bother me that he now owns the Democratic party? Well, yes.

Thank heaven Congress finally passed campaign-finance reform. McCain-Feingold became law just in time for Mr. Soros’ money to go into the Democrats’ off-the-books political backroom coffers … where it is immune from the strict disclosure requirements imposed upon presidential campaigns. MoveOn’s and ACT’s big bucks, we are assured, will be spent on “get out the vote” efforts. Those would be the votes of the illegal, the ignorant and the entitled.

I suppose the Soros-Democrat merger is a natural. After all, Mr. Soros made his money by taking a little bit here, a little bit there off millions of less-sophisticated investors who thought they were saving for their retirement – not funding a billionaire’s political aspirations. (Mr. Soros was convicted last year of insider trading in France and fined $2.2 million dollars.) He describes his trading efforts:

When I bought shares in Lockheed and Northrop after the managements were indicted for bribery, I helped sustain the price of their stocks. When I sold sterling short in 1992, the Bank of England was on the other side of my transactions, and I was in effect taking money out of the pockets of British taxpayers. But if I had tried to take social consequences into account, it would have thrown off my risk-reward calculation, and my profits would have been reduced.

– “The world according to George Soros,” by David Korten, Tikkun Magazine)

Mr. Soros’ previous political efforts have tagged him as a heavy contributor to state drug-legalization initiatives, most recently in California and Arizona.

But just what is Mr. Soros’ goal in purchasing the Democratic Party? As he told David Korten, “I shall not spell it [the mission for his foundation network] out here because it would interfere with my flexibility in carrying it out … but I can state it in general terms: to foster the civil society component of the Open Society Alliance.” As Mr. Korten concluded, “Putting it bluntly, Soros plans to buy civil society.”

What results might we expect from Mr. Soros’ beyond legalize-the-drug efforts in American politics? His own admission, delivered May 27, 1999, in a commencement speech at Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University, is instructive: “I am more aware than most people that actions have unintended consequences. Nevertheless, I’m shocked by the consequences of our intervention [in the former Yugoslavia]. We have accomplished exactly the opposite of what we intended.”

During the Clinton presidency, the Democrat Party put up a fire-sale sign on the White House lawn. National security and missile technology were sold to the Communist Chinese in return for the “donations” that bought Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election. Hillary Clinton’s senate seat was purchased with the last-minute Marc Rich pardon – one of Mr. Soros’ trading buddies the Department Of Justice had banished from America.

The beauty for the Democrats of selling out the 2004 election to Mr. Soros is that no money changes hands during his payoff. All Mr. Hungarian Financier needs is advance information on United States government pronouncements about events affecting the financial and commodities markets. This will enable Mr. Soros – who near the top of the financial bubble in 2000 admitted, after punishing losses, that he no longer understood the financial markets – to shift his billions from currency to currency and company to company with much less risk than the ordinary investors who must work for the funds they invest and trust that insider trading is illegal.

Such a payoff would amount to a tax, if you will, on the honest and decent by the corrupt and conniving. By skimming the financial cream off the top of the world’s financial transactions, Mr. Soros’ millions in seed capital to the Democrats may yield untold billions for his personal coffers.

You’ll have to excuse me if I doubt the selfless disguise of billionaires who profess to have humanity’s best interest at heart, but still have their billions tucked safely away, while they look to you and me to pay for their utopian fantasies.

I am already on record that America needs a viable opposition party. Unfortunately, today’s Democratic Party is defined not by the America-first attitude of the Greatest Generation, but rather with the America-loathing attitude of disaffected, ignorant, self-absorbed baby boomers. Their only allegiance is to their personal brand of treason – against parents, institutions and the nation that breathed into their nostrils that first breath of freedom. A vote for Soros’ Democratic Party is a vote for institutionalized treason.

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