I know I risk alienating millions of readers with this column, but I have to say it.

The national Democratic Party is immoral to the core. Any American who would vote for Democrats is guilty of fostering the worst kind of degeneracy. The leaders of this party are severely out of touch with mainstream, traditional American values. They are crusaders for perversion, for licentiousness, for nihilism and worse.

There, I’ve said it. Now let me defend it.

I’ve always been straight with my readers and listeners to my nationally syndicated radio talk show. I am not a political partisan. I find little in the Republican Party to please me. I am on record as stating I did not vote for George Bush in 2000 and would not vote for him again in 2004. So, I think I bring more than a little objectivity to this issue.

I could write about the party’s stands on various issues of the day – from unrestricted abortion on demand to its effort to foster public division over the war in Iraq. But let’s put this in more specific terms. Let’s not talk about the macro side of the equation. Let’s bring it down to the micro observations.

I just visited the website of the Democratic National Committee. And what did I find?

Under upcoming events I find one listing. What do you suppose it’s for? Do you think it might be for the Iowa Caucuses? Do you think it might be a political fund-raiser? Nope.

It’s for a reception by the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council of the DNC with the cast members of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” It seems the council, which I suspect wields a powerful role in the party, has set up the “Bloody Mary Brunch” in New York as it continues its “quest to makeover the White House in 2004.” The word “makeover” is boldface – whatever that means.

Again, this is not one of 20 upcoming events sponsored by the DNC. It is the only event listed on the national organization’s website.

Let’s face it, this is what the Democrats are all about in 2003.

There’s more. And it’s all right out there for the public to see – not that many Americans ever bother to check out the DNC website.

Like almost every other non-entity on the Internet, the DNC has a blog. Do you know what the blog is called? It’s called “Kicking Ass.”

Now maybe I’m a prude. Maybe my 15 years of training in producing “family newspapers” has jaundiced me to such vulgarity. But do you think it is appropriate for a major political party – one that presumably strives to be the majority party in the country – to use such language so prominently?

Check out the lead item in that blog and, of course, it’s an item ripping “right-wing conservatives” for protesting the homosexual marriage ruling in Massachusetts.

Again, this is what the Democrats are all about in 2003.

Then check out the DNC’s official links. You can tell much about an organization by the website links – and with the DNC you’re just a click away from virtually every bizarre extremist organization in America, from the American Civil Liberties Union to Planned Parenthood to the racist National Council of La Raza to more than a half-dozen “gay and lesbian organizations.”

Birds of a feather flock together.

There is something almost frightening about the extremist nature of the Democratic Party’s highest leadership. Just try to find one thing positive about American life on this website. It’s not there. The DNC would have you believe that since the election of Bush as president, America has become some kind of a fascist police state, an economic disaster area and an oppressive, deceitful, imperialist beast around the world.

This is not what I would characterize as loyal opposition – and I’m hardly pro-Republican or pro-Bush.

These are not the Democrats your parents knew. These are not even the Democrats of George McGovern. This is a new breed altogether – one fashioned on the amorality of the Clinton years. And, thus, there is little in the way of a major-party alternative for those of us disenchanted with the Republicans and Bush.

Maybe that’s what Bush and the Republicans are counting on.

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