Bush demands Israel’s blood

By Michael Evans

Speaking in London on Wednesday, President Bush said, “Israel should freeze settlement construction, dismantle unauthorized outposts, end the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people, and not prejudice final negotiations with the placement of walls and fences.”

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s time to carve up the turkey. It is, however, customary to kill the bird and drain its lifeblood before serving it. I find it strangely coincidental that every time Tony Blair is in trouble over the Iraq war, Bush runs to the rescue by donating Israel’s lifeblood!

This happened in the Azores on March 17, 2003, as the drums of war were beating, and again at Camp David on March 26, 2003, seven days into the war. When Prime Minister Tony Blair linked his support for the Iraq war with U.S. support for the Road Map, it became very apparent that Israel would have to pay the appeasement bill – like it or not.

The absurdity of it all is that Arafat (the godfather of world terrorism) spit in Clinton’s and Barak’s faces when Israel was willing to split the turkey down the middle by playing the terrorism card yet again. He spit in Bush’s face after the president flew to the Middle East for a summit in Aqaba, Jordan, to embrace Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.

On June 3, when it appeared the war in Iraq was over, Bush hosted the heads of state from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Bahrain in Egypt. Secretary of State Colin Powell summarized the purpose of the meeting: “The meeting is important to make sure that the Arab leadership is behind and supportive of the Road Map. …”

The following day, Bush kept his word to Tony Blair when he met with Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas to urge acceptance of the Road Map. Arafat, meanwhile, spent the entire summer initiating a plague of suicide bombings and undermining Abbas, who was ultimately forced to resign.

Now, six months have gone by. Apparently, Saddam is still alive, and no weapons of mass destruction have been found. Terrorists from all over the world are pouring into Iraq like water over Niagara Falls. Four hundred American soldiers have been killed since June. The month of November has been the worst; the downing of three Blackhawk helicopters claimed the lives of 23 U.S. soldiers.

What in the world has Israel to do with Tony Blair? Everything, in a liberal, pro-Muslim Europe that wants oil, not Israel! Before the war began, President Bush built the case with Tony Blair that Britain and America had to “go it alone,” that the U.N. could not be trusted to be a partner in the process.

Why, now, did Bush support Russia’s resolution to turn a failed Road Map over to the U.N. Security Council? This is the governing body that equates Zionism with racism and who’s Human Rights Commission proclaims that the Palestinians can use “every available means to defend themselves against occupation” – a clever endorsement of suicide bombings. (At the time, the Human Rights Commission was chaired by another “peace-loving” Islamic nation – Libya.)

Simply put, Blair needs Bush’s support to remain prime minister, and Jewish blood is cheap … especially in Europe. Six million Jews found that out during the Holocaust. Even then, America was more than willing to institute the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and closed her borders to Jewish refugees who were in grave danger of being dragged to the ovens.

Accommodation gets people killed in the Middle East. It is a signal to terrorist cartels that crime pays, so why not kill Jews. It seems Jewish blood is the only thing that anti-Semitic Muslims want anyway. They are, as it is preached in anti-Semitic circles, the reason for all of the troubles in the world and, therefore, expendable.

The U.N. Security Council (whose members include Syria, a terrorist state) recently voted unanimously for a Russian-backed resolution on the Road Map. That same evening, a series was aired at 9:30 p.m. on Al-Manar, Hizbollah television. The series is based on Hitler’s final-solution book, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Episode 20 of the series depicts Jews murdering a Christian boy to drain his blood to make Passover Matzah. It makes one sick to watch this theater of the absurd and festival of hypocrisy.

The OPEC cartel, which has no money or land problems, has used the Palestinians as pawns for decades. It has fueled and fed a refugee crisis, then blamed it on Israel. The Egyptian-born billionaire, Yasser Arafat, president of an entity that harbors, supports and aids terrorists, must be laughing uncontrollably! He will, indeed, have a happy Thanksgiving! This is just more evidence that terrorism can achieve significant political goals.

Why has Bush given Saudi Arabia a free pass? Saudi Arabia, a major member of OPEC, persists in funding and exporting Wahhabism – the extreme brand of Islam that has been labeled a “strategic threat” to the U.S. war on terror. Michael Young, chair of the State Department’s Commission on International Religious Freedom, said Thursday, “It (Wahhabism) is an ideology that is incompatible with the war on terrorism.” One would think that Saudi Arabia would be at the top of the president’s list – not the Road Map that forces Israel to accept yet another terrorist state on her borders (thus rewarding terrorism!).

The Bible says, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee.” The liberals are paranoid that George W. Bush, with his strong faith in God and belief in the Bible, will become their greatest nightmare. It seems they have nothing to fear.