One of WorldNetDaily’s best offers for homeschooling families is coming to an end in just a matter of hours.

Until 5 p.m. Eastern time Wednesday, Dec. 24, WorldNetDaily is offering an extraordinary FREE package of materials to help both current home-educators and those thinking about joining their ranks.

The following valuable products will be sent as free gifts to everyone who subscribes, renews or gives a gift subscription to WorldNetDaily’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine through this special offer:

Though this offer has been very popular, it must come to end Christmas Eve at 5 p.m. Act now to take advantage of this homeschooling package.

The FREE products include:

  • The current edition of Practical Homeschooling magazine. Each issue of the popular bimonthly magazine – enjoyed by over 100,000 readers – includes: Detailed product reviews in every issue; special features that take the mystery out of topics like special education, college preparation and how to teach a child to read; “Day at Our House” Diaries – how other families do it; Show & Tell – reports of homeschool excellence from across the globe; nationally known columnists who cover all major homeschool methods; and much more!

  • “Homeschooling Secrets”: Written by Practical Homeschooling publisher Mary Pride, this pamphlet is worth its weight in gold. Featuring nuggets of wisdom from her vast home-educating experience, it includes: Five scheduling tips, instructions for making your own hands-on learning tools, and authoritative and satisfying answers to the four most common homeschooling problems.

  • Whistleblower’s stunning special issue on homeschooling, titled “The flight from public schools,” which makes the case for home education perhaps more powerfully and persuasively than any journalistic product available.

  • A hardcover copy of Kyle Williams’ hard-hitting book, “Seen and Heard.” As the youngest political columnist in America with a national audience at, 14-year-old Kyle tackles subjects such as abortion, homosexual rights, separation of church and state and the public school system. Homeschooled through the eighth grade, Kyle’s writing demonstrates what a youngster can accomplish when he is free to reach his potential by learning at home.

Here’s what you’ll get in your free issue of Practical Homeschooling:


  • How to teach your kids to do chores

  • Questions the publishers of public-school literature curriculum hope you’ll never ask
  • The nine questions you should ask a piano teacher
  • What’s the difference between “family music” and packaged music, and how can we provide rich music education at home?
  • How to start your own piano-teaching business
  • The difference between a democracy and a republic, and why Benjamin Franklin was dead set against democracy.


  • How to avoid 12 common curriculum-buying traps, by Melissa Morgan, co-author of “Homeschooling on a Shoestring”

  • How to get your preschooler ready for reading, by retired kindergarten teacher and author June Oberlander
  • The math of large families, or why more kids doesn’t necessarily mean more work, by Mary Pride
  • Forgotten American History: God’s providence and how it saved the American Revolution, by education expert Sam Blumenfeld
  • How to make real-world heroes a part of your field trips, by unit-studies and co-op pioneer Jessica Hulcy, co-author of the KONOS Curriculum
  • How your teens can get involved in government, by Kristin Hamerski, Miss Teen Alaska
  • How busy dads can use storytelling to capture the hearts and imaginations of their children – even when they’re on the road, by Chris Klicka, senior counsel for Home School Legal Defense Association.

Plus, this issue’s special emphasis on fine arts means you get reviews of four video-based art programs and six top ways to teach literature at home!

‘Printed lightning’

WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine is an excellent homeschool resource itself. Each issue can easily be used as “unit study” for any family, as each monthly issue takes on a specific public-policy issue.

Says Mary Pride, one of the homeschooling world’s most respected curriculum experts: “Whistleblower is printed lightning, searing the facts about important current issues into your brain with the force of a thunderclap. Well written, well researched, well worth your time, wonderful worldview training for teens.”

Note: Participants in this special, limited-time offer will receive the Whistleblower annual subscription, the special issue on “The flight from public schools” and the hardcover copy of “Seen and Heard” mailed directly from WND, while the Practical Homeschooling issue and “Homeschooling Secrets” pamphlet will be mailed from the publisher. Offer is separate from and in lieu of any other offers, and is good in the USA only.

“Homeschooling is really the most positive, most powerful single move an American citizen can make to restore sanity to their family and maybe even save their country in the process,” said WND Vice President and Managing Editor David Kupelian, himself a homeschool dad, along with most of the rest of the WND editorial staff.

“If you homeschool – or are even thinking about it – you’ve got to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity,” said Joseph Farah, WND founder, editor, CEO and homeschool dad.

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