If there’s any truth to the belief “Sex sells,” then President Bush could have an additional political enemy to deal with in the upcoming election year: American babes.

‘Babes Against Bush’ seeking regime change

A group of scantily clad Michigan women calling themselves “Babes Against Bush” is joining forces to strip the commander in chief from office and have some fun in the process.

“We figured that this was a good, fun way to make people aware of the damage George Bush is doing to America,” says spokeswoman Eleanor Vast-Binder. “Guys like hot girls. So maybe they wouldn’t mind getting the message from us.”

Vast-Binder is Miss January in a “Regime Change Countdown Calendar” the group is selling for $11.

“What better way is there to get guys to notice that the president is a bozo?” she asks. “Pictures of the girls will get their attention – and they’ll look long enough to read the fine print.”

On its website, Babes Against Bush mockingly refers to the president and his team as the “Shrub adminstration,” and attacks the Republican leader with a sales pitch for its calendar which includes:

What could be more un-American than that election-hijacking, economy-wrecking, war-mongering chimp George W. Bush? What could be more all-American than thirteen beautiful young women, exercising their first amendment right to thumb their nose at our bozo president? Clearly, these two opposing forces were bound to collide … .

… [Y]ou too can experience the thrill of thirteen socially conscious, stunningly attractive young women escorting you through the weeks and months until inauguration day in January 2005 – when America finally gets a real president again.

‘Reason #3 to hate George: Donald Rumsfeld’

The site allows viewers to send electronic greeting cards featuring photos from the calendar, and lists at least 99 reasons why it says “Bush sucks.” Among them:

  • His stupid war in Iraq

  • About those weapons of mass destruction …

  • Donald Rumsfeld

  • Didn’t win the popular vote

  • Copped out on the Kyoto Protocol on global warming

  • Didn’t bother to visit wounded soldiers in hospitals on Thanksgiving

  • Rush Limbaugh likes him.

“It sounds like these 13 women may not be voting for the president,” Jim Dyke, spokesman for the Republican National Committee, tells WorldNetDaily.

Dyke calls the Babes Against Bush campaign an interesting tactic, but he’s not concerned at this point about any impact it could have on the 2004 race.

“Ultimately, people look to the policies put forth [by candidates]… . I’m not saying [the website] is not entertaining. The Internet is a wonderfully free market that allows a lot of creativity.”

Asked if anyone at the RNC has ordered one of the regime-change photo layouts yet, Dyke responded:

“We’ll have to wait for the ‘Babes For Bush’ site to order a calendar.”

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