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Homosexuals admit AIDS culpability

A Seattle AIDS group has published a manifesto that has stirred controversy among homosexuals because it acknowledges homosexual men must take responsibility for sexual excesses that spread the disease.

The document does include the common assertion condom use is the ultimate answer to preventing the spread of AIDS, reports Family News in Focus, a service of Focus on the Family.

But it also includes statements demonstrating an awareness of the dangers of the lifestyle, such as “men must act against the behaviors … responsible for the increased spread of [the] disease.”

“It’s very contentious in the community because of that,” said Quinten Welch, the author of the report, according to Family News. “But one of the reasons we put it out there was to start having these discussions and make people aware.”

Welch, educator/consultant with Public Health-Seattle & King County, believes his report is the homosexual community’s first honest examination of the causes of the disease and says it even has prompted a rethink of so-called “safe sex,” or condom use.

“Nothing is 100 percent effective,” he said. “Abstinence should always be a part of anyone’s idea of how to maintain safer sex.”

Randy Thomas of Exodus International, a Christian group that ministers to people who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle, called it a significant step, Family News said.

“Its about time that the community, the gay community, has come out of denial about how serious HIV is and their responsibility in it,” he said.

Thomas believes the ultimate answer, however, is a restored relationship with God, and “for that to happen, the church is going to have to reach out.”

“The people of God,” he said, “need to act like the people of God towards people who have HIV and become servants and love unconditionally.”