Three police officers in Huntington, Ind., claim to have seen an Unidentified Flying Object the day after Christmas hovering over a Catholic church, and UFO investigators now are looking into the incident.

Officer Chip Olinger was warming up his car Dec. 26 about 2:30 p.m. when he reported seeing a circular object in the sky and radioed fellow officers Greg Hedrick and Randy Hoover, who also saw it, reported the Huntington Herald-Press.

The trio then watched the object move over a Catholic church and toward its steeple. The object reportedly was the size of a hot air balloon or trampoline. The cops say it stopped a few times, spun slowly, changed shapes and at one point turned orange.

“It wasn’t any kind of flying machine that I can think of,” Olinger told the Herald-Press. “And it’s not like a ’50s flying saucer. It was that big, but it didn’t have a hump in the middle.”

The officer said he thought the object turned orange when it reflected the sunlight, “like a compact mirror would if you twirled it.”

Hoover, the report states, commented, “I can’t imagine how it could possibly be anything I could relate to.” The object would stop and then spin slowly, he claimed, a maneuver no known aircraft can accomplish.

Three investigators from the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, are looking into the sighting, compiling details of the incident, the paper reported.

While boys in the neighborhood were playing with an inflatable balloon-type toy they received for Christmas Dec. 26, the UFO investigators aren’t convinced that’s what the officers saw.

“It’s not a balloon of any kind,” MUFON member Roger Sugden told the Herald-Press. “Whichever way the wind was blowing, it wouldn’t have stopped, tumbled and moved off.”

The MUFON trio interviewed one of the officers who saw the object and took measurements to try to determine the size of the object. They hope to talk to the other witnesses.

“It’s pretty common that an object comes over and hovers,” Sugden said. “This is not the first time that’s happened – the tumbling motion, it stops, and moves off.”

According to the report, for a few days, the policemen didn’t say anything about the sighting.

“We thought people would think we were crazy,” Hoover said.

A UFO sighting “doesn’t mean it’s a flying saucer. It doesn’t mean it’s aliens,” Sugden is quoted as saying. “It means it’s unidentified.

“It could be anything. The world is a little more complicated than we can perceive. We see in a tiny little spectrum.”

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