New Christian site:
Don’t vote for ‘W’

By Joe Kovacs

President Bush may not be able to count on solid voter support from conservative Christians in the upcoming election if a new website run by Christians has any impact. made its debut on the Internet this week, calling on Christians across the nation to rethink voting for the president.

President Bush

The site, jointly operated by Philadelphia-based Repent America and Columbia Christians for Life in South Carolina, is designed to provide Christians with articles, information and commentaries on Bush’s alleged pattern of what it calls anti-Christian behavior and challenges them not to “remain in bondage” to the two-party political system.

“President Bush has repeatedly, and continues, to justify the wicked; from advancing the homosexual agenda, to funding abortionists, to praising Islam, to signing unconstitutional bills into law that further socialism and shred our Bill of Rights,” said Steve Lefemine, director of Columbia Christians for Life. claims the president has compromised his Christian faith by “promoting evil and openly supporting wickedness,” and warns believers to reject the notion they have no other choice but to vote for the lesser of two evils.

“So many well-meaning Christians continue to reject the truth about President Bush for the sake of conservatism,” said Michael Marcavage, a preacher with Repent America. “As Christians, we are not conservatives, but disciples of Jesus Christ who recognize and proclaim where right and wrong come from. Therefore, we must vote righteously. …

“We are not talking about an error or two that Bush has made in his time as president, rather a pattern of ungodly decisions to embrace and promote evil. … Bush claims to be a Christian, but his works do not attest to this.”

The new website contains a host of links to news articles documenting alleged evidence of Bush’s departure from Christian values.

Among them is a WorldNetDaily report titled “Bush cheers ‘gay’ church after ‘Marriage Week.'”

“Not long after he endorsed ‘Marriage Protection Week,'” the article states, “President Bush sent a letter of congratulations to a denomination founded by homosexual activists that performs more than 6,000 same-sex ‘weddings’ each year.”

Other headlines include:

  • Bush: Christians, Muslims worship same God;

  • Bush invites Muslims to pray in the White House;

  • Bush backs removal of Ten Commandment monument; and

  • Bush praises Ozzy Osbourne at White House dinner.

“If Christians will repent of the unbiblical practice of voting for evil, even the lesser of evils, and vote for righteousness, inspecting, say, the Constitution Party candidate and others to discern whether they have biblically based, constitutionalist positions, then we will most wisely position ourselves to receive God’s blessing, power, anointing and deliverance for the healing of our sin-sick land,” Lefemine said.

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