Border invasion abroad,border betrayal at home

By Ilana Mercer

Truth is not hard to ascertain. The dictionary speaks of truth as the “conformity to fact or reality.” Conservatives, who twisted like circus contortionists to evade Bush’s misrepresentation of the truth in Iraq, have decided mercifully to face the facts and the reality of his “new temporary worker program.”

As many conservatives note, this program is a repetition of past guest-worker schemes, which brought in their destructive wake a massive increase in the influx of legal and illegal immigrants – not a rotation, as Bush “expects.” One reason the floodgates can’t be easily closed, the Center for Immigration Studies points out, is that such policies distort markets. Employers begin to plan production around the availability of cheap labor … in perpetuity.

Moreover, given that the H-1B work-visa program has morphed into a legitimate path to citizenship, there is no reason to doubt this “initiative” will be any different. Indeed, the president confirms this is his intention: “temporary workers who make the decision to pursue American citizenship will be allowed to apply in the normal way,” he has said.

Bear in mind, too, if this administration refuses to deport the flotsam and jetsam who flowed here illegally, how likely is it to deport born-again “guest workers” when they overstay their welcome? Once these guests do what they did when they were mere illegals – breed – no one will dare deport the proud parents of minute-made American children.

I’ve argued elsewhere that H-1B work visas have become a taxpayer subsidy for high-tech firms. The same principle applies to the “guest-worker program” for illegals, although it is but an official stamp on what is already a fait accompli. An endless supply of workers has and will continue to ensure that wages are suppressed for the benefit of certain protected industries. Industries which cannot afford to pay higher salaries (if they are to compete with cheap imported produce) now have a legal, low-wage and everlasting taxpayer-subsidized work force.

Protectionism comes on the backs of American taxpayers. The facts and the figures are indisputable. Despite what the Leader’s Lying Lips say, immigrants – legal and illegal – now cost the taxpayer far in excess of their contribution to the economy.

And the costs are not only financial and cultural.

Once again, facts and reality fall by the way because of the veil of silence with which the ruling and media elites have shrouded crimes committed by Bush’s “hardworking, decent, honorable … foreign workers.” The CIS explains why, on the one hand, many advocacy-oriented studies suggest that “the foreign-born as a whole … represent no statistical anomaly” as far as crime goes, yet at the same time “so much other evidence indicates they are responsible for a wave of individual and organized crime. Much of the crime, a lot more than structured studies would suggest, isn’t being reported,” says the organization.

For instance, “criminal activity along the U.S.-Mexican border in San Diego County led local officials … to conduct a [rare] study of arrest rates according to legal status. In the city of San Diego, 26 percent of all burglary arrests and 12 percent of all felony arrests involved illegal aliens, who were estimated to comprise less than 4 percent of the total city population.” What’s more, “the second, more than the first, generation of an immigrant population is likely to drift into crime.” To wit, second-generation Hispanic, Asian and other youth gangs “are responsible for what likely have been hundreds of slayings nationwide over the past decade.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Bush has no qualms about carnage for a “good” cause – neither in his crusades of conquest overseas, nor in his quest for votes on home soil.

For their part, the Democratic presidential jackasses continue to bray about the urgency of “creating jobs,” and about the dastardly decrease in workers’ wages – a downward spiral which will accelerate now that Bush has promised to ” … increase the annual number of green cards that can lead to citizenship.” But so far, I’ve not heard a murmur from these shysters about the administration’s One-Worlder, no-border vision and its effect on American life and livelihood.

It is good that some conservatives go so far as to call for the impeachment of the president because of this backdoor amnesty. Now they need to edge closer to the truth by denouncing not only Bush’s border betrayal at home, but his border invasion abroad. Inviting an invasion by foreigners and instigating one against them are two sides of the same neoconservative coin.

There’s no contradiction in these policies.

Bush, ostensibly in the employ of the American people, makes it clear that he’s obligated to help Mexicans in “their search for a better life.” Ditto for Iraqis, Latin Americans … you name them, he’ll help them, even if he has to invade them.

These are the actions of a Global Governor who values neither the sovereignty of his own countrymen nor that of other nations – and even less the notion that charity begins at home.