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Chiefs of police: Border security a sham

The National Association of Chiefs of Police claims national border security is a “sham” and the lack of controls by the federal government is rewarding criminals.

In a statement, Jim Kouri, vice president of the 14,000-member organization, slams the feds for using “smoke and mirrors in our border security strategy.” He also indicts states issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

“Even the president of the United States is prepared to reward lawbreakers,” he said, referring to President Bush’s proposal to legalize millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.

Kouri, an Arab-American, says the lack of security on U.S. borders causes the murder of law-enforcement officers as well as civilians.

“Border security is the weakest link in our antiterrorism effort – it’s our Achilles’ heel,” said Kouri, who claims billions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on an immigration bureaucracy that does “practically nothing to stop the illegal-alien traffic.”

The law-enforcement expert and columnist claims the nation’s political leaders have a “cynical approach to American sovereignty,” winking at the immigration problem to garner votes and adhere to a “suicidal politically correct orthodoxy.”

Kouri mentioned the case of the murder of a cop by an illegal Mexican alien as a prime example. The alien killed the Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy and then fled across the border back into Mexico.

“If these killers aren’t afraid to target or kill cops, then who in America is really safe from terrorists, murderers, rapists and other offenders?” Kouri asked, adding, “And anyone wishing to debate the problem is labeled a racist or xenophobe.”

A contributing editor for Chief of Police Magazine and Police Times, Kouri is author of the book “Assume the Position.”

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