The controversy over whether Mel Gibson’s upcoming film “The Passion of the Christ” will encourage anti-Semitism has taken a dramatic turn, according to an evangelical leader.

While attending a recent screening of the film in Dallas, says best-selling author, minister and frequent WorldNetDaily columnist Michael D. Evans, Gibson decided on the spot to proactively discourage anti-Semitism by including after the movie’s final fade-to-black a statement Evans suggested.

The statement is: “During the Roman occupation, 250,000 Jews were crucified by the Romans, but only One rose from the dead.”

The entire account, written by Evans, is published in today’s edition of WorldNetDaily.

Because attendees to the Dallas showing weren’t asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, Evans chose to write about the turn of events.

“Why am I speaking out now?” he writes in today’s WND. “I realized that leaders in the Jewish community were still extremely worried about increased anti-Semitism because of the film. I became convinced it was time to let the Jewish community know that Mr. Gibson is very concerned, and is making a historic contribution to combat anti-Semitism.”

Evans – founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team and chairman of the board of the Corrie ten Boom Foundation, both of which combat anti-Semitism – is also the author of the best-selling “Beyond Iraq: The Next Move.” In his book, Evans explores the roles that America, Iraq and Israel play in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. (Editor’s note: “Beyond Iraq” is available FREE today only in a special WND offer.)

“The Passion,” which chronicles the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ, is scheduled to open Feb. 25, Ash Wednesday.

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