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The passing of a military giant

WASHINGTON – Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, a Pearl Harbor veteran who became chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Vietnam War, has died at 91.

Moorer, a frequent WorldNetDaily commentary contributor, served as the military’s senior uniformed officer from July 1970 until his retirement in July 1974.

A native of Mount Willing, Ala., Moorer played football at the Naval Academy and received his commission in 1933. He joined one of the early generations of naval aviators, flying fighters off of the first American carriers.

He was stationed at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack on Dec. 7, 1941.

After the war, he rose through the ranks. President Johnson selected him to be chief of naval operations, the service’s top officer, in 1967. He was reappointed by President Nixon in 1969.

Nixon also nominated him to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff the following year.
In recent years, Moorer warned of the growing peril posed to the U.S. by China. He raised other concerns about military unpreparedness:

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