The Republican club at Tufts University is protesting recent sex-based events on campus, encouraging students to reject the depraved “hook up” culture on campus.

The club reports last week the university hosted the “Sex on the Hill” fair, which included students, administrators, and faculty taste-testing lubricants, participating in the “Condom Olympics,” and marking on life-sized fully-nude drawings where they like to be rubbed, touched, kissed or licked. The group also says the Tufts student activities director, Jodie Nealley, posed as female genitalia at the event.

Next week, the owner of a sex novelty store is scheduled to present a “Joys of Toys” demonstration at a freshman dormitory. Also on tap is “Vulvapalooza,” a “free event celebrating vaginas” to be presented along with performances of the play “The Vagina Monologues,” the GOP club reports.

“The gratuitousness of these events is incredible,” said Tufts Republicans President Philipp Tsipman. “The university is sending a clear message that anything goes here. Tolerance is in, and decency is nowhere to be found.”

Added Rachel Hoff, Tufts Republicans Women’s Caucus Chair: “The university should not be promoting such a degraded view of sexuality. Instead, Tufts should be promoting the truly healthy conceptions of love and relationships.”

As part of a nationwide movement to “take back the date,” coordinated by the Independent Women’s Forum, the Tufts Republicans are asking their fellow students to reconsider the “hook-up” culture on the Tufts campus. “Hook up” refers to any level of casual sexual contact for recreational purposes with no commitment involved.

“What we’re asking is, ‘Don’t you think you deserve something better?'” said Tsipman.

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