A new book by New York Times best-selling author Richard Poe profiles, for the first time, the true story of how a group of “renegade journalists” – including, prominently, WND’s Joseph Farah – fought to expose America’s darkest scandals through the Internet, and how the most powerful woman in the world tried to stop them.

Titled “Hillary’s Secret War,” this sizzling documentary shows how, from her own “war room” in the White House, Hillary Clinton commanded a secret police operation dedicated to silencing dissent, muzzling media critics, intimidating political foes, whitewashing Clinton scandals, and obstructing justice.

The book is published by WorldNetDaily’s own publishing division, WND Books.

Hillary’s operatives infiltrated every level of the news media, federal law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the federal court system, the book chronicles.

Showing that Hillary Clinton and her operatives regarded the “unregulated” datastream of cyberspace as a threat to their power, potentially devastating in its ability to bypass the controlled, corporate media, “Hillary’s Secret War” reveals why journalistic “dissidents” on the Internet were persecuted with special ferocity.

Mainstream news media spiked the story of Hillary’s secret war – and of the scandals she sought to conceal. But the courageous new journalists of the Internet underground defied the odds and exposed the shocking truth about history’s most corrupt presidency. This is their story.

Written with all the drama and tension of a gripping novel, this carefully researched book gives the inside story of how these modern-day patriots endured Hillary’s attacks, and emerged from the battlefield to become a sprawling, innovative news source reaching tens of millions each day. “Hillary’s Secret War” presents a tale of dogged courage and sacrifice, one of the greatest untold stories in the annals of journalism.

“Hillary’s Shadow Team,” says Poe, “will no doubt play a crucial role in smoothing the way for her planned return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Likewise, the Internet will figure prominently in the effort to stop her.”

“‘Hillary’s Secret War’ is not just an indictment of a woman now sitting in the U.S. Senate,” said Joseph Farah, founder of WorldNetDaily.com and co-founder of WND Books. “It’s an expose of an authoritarian mindset that longs to regain power – and will stop at nothing to achieve its objective.”

“Hillary’s Secret War” is now available from the source, WorldNetDaily. Order your copy today, and qualify also for a FREE 3-month trial subscription to WND’s popular monthly magazine, Whistleblower. Watch for the FREE offer during checkout.

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