Amid developments such as the landmark Massachusetts ruling and San Francisco’s defiant issuance of same-sex marriage licenses, a Florida company has released software designed especially to help homosexual couples plan their weddings.

Five Star Software of Jacksonville, Fla., says with its “My Gay Wedding Companion,” users can “now focus on the romance and excitement of planning your perfect day.”

“Amazing Easy-To-Use Software Helps You Save Time, Reduce Stress and Make Better Decisions While Planning Your Same-Sex Wedding GUARANTEED,” reads the banner on the product’s website.

“Far too many couples have had ‘things go wrong’ because they forgot minor details, made wrong decisions or were disorganized,” says the Five Star Software promo. “Trust me, you REALLY don’t want to be embarrassed in front of all those people during your BIG event and then live the rest of your life in regret.”

“Unlike planning software for straight couples, this software is independent of roles, sex and titles,” the company says.

Robert Lamb, Five Star’s chief information officer, said his company has been selling software for traditional weddings since 1995 and came out with the homosexual version late last year.

No “gay marriages” have been officially sanctioned in the U.S. until San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s order was carried out Feb. 12, but Lamb told WND the software has been used for unofficial ceremonies and Vermont’s civil unions.

“In general, gay marriage is slowly gaining more acceptance, and more and more states are trying to change the laws,” he said. “In California, it’s … wow, a breakthrough.”

He said sales are growing steadily but could not give any figures.

Five Star said to celebrate its new version, it is knocking down its price to $39.95.

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