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Mexican troops cross U.S. border

Mexican military forces make so many regular incursions into U.S. territory, Border Patrol officers hand out printed instructions to agents on how to handle the situations, according to “On the Line: Inside the U.S. Border Patrol,” a new book by a seasoned agent.

Alex Pacheco, a Border Patrol agent regularly assigned to San Diego, volunteered for temporary duty in Ajo, Ariz. He writes that in his second week at the new station, the field operations supervisor distributed index cards with instructions on handling “military incursions.”

Pacheco and his co-author, Erich Krauss, are scheduled to discuss the book on Joseph Farah’s WorldNetDaily RadioActive today.

The instructions came under the acronym SALUTE and called for the immediate communication of the following information:

The instructions included the following warnings, according to Pacheco: “Mexican military are trained to escape, evade and counter-ambush if it will affect their escape.”

Pacheco said he learned the Mexican military forces were witnessed crossing the border about once a month and that some 118 incursions had been recorded by the Border Patrol.

While some Border Patrol agents suspect the Mexican military is involved in hauling drugs or providing protection for drug dealers, officially, Pacheco writes, the units are simply “just lost.”

While WorldNetDaily has reported many instances of such cross-border incursions by what appeared to be Mexican military forces, this disclosure by Pacheco is the first on-the-record confirmation by a member of the Border Patrol.

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