Sen. Hillary Clinton is in the midst of an aggressive campaign to secure the Democratic Party’s nomination for vice president, columnist R. Emmett Tyrrell writes in a column to be released tomorrow.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.

Tyrrell references sources who say Clinton is using an experienced team of seasoned political operatives to establish her as the top choice for the ticket. According to the columnists sources, Hillary and former Clinton White House aide Harold Ickes have already amassed a campaign war chest of $100 million.

“Sources have told me that Clinton loyalists have been calling Democrats around the country telling them to prevail on Kerry at least to invite Hillary to be on his ticket,” writes Tyrrell.

The columnist claims Hillary’s fund-raising prowess would be helpful to Kerry’s operation.

“Hillary is at the center of the party. Some would say she sits atop it,” Tyrrell writes. “The Clintons’ servitor, Terry McAuliffe, heads the Democratic National Committee. Her political action committees are prodigious, fund-raising mechanisms. Another of her servitors, Harold Ickes, controls financial honey pots with reserves of over $100 million. Thus, Hillary is the most likely source of prestige and fresh funds for the impecunious Kerry.”

Concludes Tyrrell: “Running as veep on a Kerry ticket might not doom her to second fiddle for eight years. The trial might last only eight months, and if the valiant ticket goes down to the hellish Bush she would be seen as the loyalist of loyal Democrats, a Joan of Arc to her party.”

Tyrrell is author of “Madame Hillary,” a book about Clinton’s transition from first lady to senatorial power broker.

Yesterday, Clinton endorsed Kerry’s bid for the presidency.

“This is going to be a year, I believe, for Senator Kerry who will be our nominee, and I will do everything I can to get him elected. So I hope that next year we will have a Democrat in the White House,” she told Japan’s Nippon Television Network Corporation.

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