“Let me tell you something,” declared the apparent Democratic nominee for president, “When Matthew Shepard gets crucified on a fence in Wyoming only because he was gay, when Mr. King gets dragged behind of a truck (sic) down in Texas by chains and his body is mutilated only because he’s gay – I think that’s a matter of rights in the United States of America.”

How about wrongs in the United States of America, Candidate Kerry? Such as this incredible statement you made in Tougaloo, Miss., on Sunday, March 7.

The “Mr. King” to whom you referred was never “dragged behind of” (that’s what you said), never “dragged behind of a truck down in Texas by chains.” And his body was never “mutilated only because he was gay.”

John William King was convicted of murdering a black man named James Byrd Jr., who was dragged to death. And there is no record that King is homosexual.

Why don’t you think and research before you make such a major mistake that the New York Times, in quoting you, reported your “mangling a reference to James Byrd Jr.”

There was further mangling.

Matthew Shepard was an adult homosexual who went into a bar and propositioned two thugs in addition to his rubbing of one of their crotches. This did not justify their beating him up – or tying (not nailing) him to a fence. But their attack was definitely NOT “only because he was gay,” as claimed by this Democrat Presidential Misinformer.

Why didn’t Candidate Kerry mention the Arkansas case of Jesse Dirkhising, age 14, who was tied to a bed by two homosexual adults who sodomized him for four hours until they murdered him?

Jesse had done nothing to these two men that was comparable to what Matt Shepard did in that bar. But apparently, Candidate Kerry was insufficiently concerned to mention Jesse Dirkhising.

Kerry was speaking at Tougaloo College, a historically black college, where he listened as a black woman angrily decried gay-rights supporters for claiming the mantle of the civil-rights struggle.

“I don’t care what they say – there is no correlation between gay rights and civil rights in terms of what black Americans have gone through,” said the woman, who described herself as a registered Democrat but an “independent voter.”

One white man booed the woman from the bleachers of the college gym, but Mr. Kerry held up his hands to stop the booing, while a few blacks clapped.

The Times did not report whether or not this white boo-er was a member of the Sodomy Lobby.

Mr. Kerry answered slowly, first laying out his minutely calibrated stance on gay marriage.

“I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman,” he said, to polite applause. “But – but – but: I believe it’s important in the United States of America that we recognize that we have a Constitution which has an equal-protection clause,” he said, to growing applause.

Then Mr. Kerry drew a connection between racism and anti-gay crime, reported the Times, with no questioning of how the senator can go on claiming he believes marriage is “between a man and a woman” – while at the same time believing in the equal-protection clause, which the Sodomy Lobby will use to require universal acceptance of buggery betrothals.

When the (unidentified by the Times) black woman resumed her comment, she said:

“My point is homosexuality is an idea,” she said. “You have never heard a doctor say, `Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, you have a bouncing baby homosexual.’ It’s an idea.”

Mr. Kerry replied: “Well, I know the deep beliefs, I respect, I’m a Christian, I’ve read the Bible, and I know you can find the clauses that go both ways. I’m not here to argue that with you.”

Candidate Kerry did not mention which biblical clauses “go both ways” on sodomy.

Instead, he added the following:

“The only point I want to make to you is, I’ve talked to enough people – some of whom fought for their country in war – and I’ve talked to many of them who didn’t discover their own sexuality until they were 35, 40 years old, and it wasn’t because they made a choice, it was because they found out who they were. And I think you have to respect that that is the nature of it. And you can look at it, and argue it, but you know what, that’s irrelevant to the argument. American citizens deserve the protection of the equal-protection clause.”

So, if the polygamists in Utah gain a second reversal of their multiple marriage, so should polygamists in Massachusetts and everywhere else.

So should practitioners of incest in California’s Rene Guyon Society. And so should those who have that Missouri website “Man’s Beast Friend.”

At Tougaloo, Kerry actually claimed that the Bush administration has “a Grand Canyon credibility gap.”

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