A lot has been lost in the debate about so-called “gay marriage.” At the top of that list is the effect that redefining marriage will have on people of conscience and religious believers.

Marriage is an institution that has been present since the beginnings of recorded history. It has meant the union of a man and a woman, and provided within that union the stability necessary to create and nurture the next generation.

While not all such unions produce children, procreation is the reason that most governments give some special consideration in law and tax to marriage and the resulting family. No government that ignores the welfare of the next generation will long endure.

At least three of the world’s major religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – condemn homosexual relations. These faiths prescribe varying degrees of punishment for those who practice such behavior. The most serious punishment is death.

Amazingly, no one seems concerned about the effect that elevating such condemned behavior to the same position of dignity and honor that families receive will have on people of conscience and religious faith. We should expect homosexual activists to be one-sided and completely consumed with gaining cultural and legal sanction for their favored sexual pastime – that is the nature of the lust that consumes their minds and bodies.

The Catholic Church is a prime example. Even within the sacred confines of the priesthood, men were unable to control the lusts that ravaged their minds and bodies – and many, despite their stated intentions, ended up serving their lust by betraying the trust and innocence of those they sought to serve and lead to God. The result has been thousands of shattered lives among victims (and, one suspects, perpetrators as well).

We have a right to expect more than one-sided homosexual-advocacy from our judges, political leaders, pollsters and journalists. Yet our highest-ranking judges have betrayed their own oath to the Constitution to serve homosexual advocacy. They have cited international law over the Constitution in manufacturing a “right” to homosexual sodomy.

Local political leaders who failed to reveal to voters their homosexual sympathies have brazenly ignored state laws restricting marriage to a man and a woman, and issued homosexual “marriage licenses,” then conducted “marriage ceremonies” for the deluded “couples.” Journalists have written about these incidents, yet never disclosed to their readers that they are homosexuals or supporters of the homosexual movement.

What do these people who advocate for their own unrestricted lusts imagine that people of conscience and faith are supposed to do if the activists accomplish their selfish, thoughtless agenda and mandate acceptance of their sexual lifestyle? Do they somehow imagine that their sexual proclivities should be rammed down the throats of the faithful, and God be damned?

Yes, they do. Witness the Boy Scouts. Little else would give homosexual activists or their supporters in government, media and academe more pleasure than forcing a Christian, Jewish or Muslim widow to rent her property to a pair of homosexual tenants in violation of her conscience, and in mockery of her faith. It is the barrel of the policeman’s gun that they seek – and which they have now found in Canada, where it is illegal to speak against homosexuality. That the widow should have her property seized and turned over to homosexuals through the court system for denying them the legitimacy they crave is their end goal.

Throughout history homosexuality has been characterized by uncontrolled lust. Today we see it in the “gay” personals ads, where men now advertise for sex with unprotected HIV-positive men. Nothing else, not even their life, matters. That is why homosexuals have historically been barred from government security service, military service and, yes, as Scoutmasters for Boy Scout troops. Has the Catholic Church not proven these concerns valid – in spades?

All that homosexuals have “achieved” since the 1960s has been achieved through manipulation, coercion or stealth. In 1973, militant homosexuals invaded the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting and disrupted the meeting to such an extent – threatening more the next year and the next and the next – that psychiatrists were bullied into removing homosexuality from their list of illnesses. By stealth, they invaded and crippled the Catholic Church’s seminaries, and ultimately its parishes, destroying the lives of tens of thousands. Behind closed doors, homosexuality’s adherents in government have hold closed meetings, excluding those who disagree with their plans. They then present their cherished goal – “homosexual marriage” – as a fait accompli.

It is not. Homosexuals are now fond of presenting their “struggle” as a “civil-rights struggle.” That is a self-serving trivialization of what blacks, who had no control whatsoever over their skin color, suffered. Blacks did not suffer because their behavior was abhorrent or ill-considered, they suffered for marrying, having children and supporting their families in the workplace. Only someone whose lust had corrupted their mind and obscured all rational thought could believe otherwise.

America needs to make sure its politicians understand: You’re not God, and the perversions you’re peddling have no place in civilized society.

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