Sept. 11 Commission testimony by former FBI Director Louis Freeh yesterday lent credibility to a theory that Iraq was behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, according to an investigative reporter whose new book on the subject was addressed at the hearing.

Jayna Davis, author of “The Third Terrorist: The Middle Eastern Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing,” told WorldNetDaily Freeh’s “carefully parsed” response to a question about her findings “expressed his belief that the book is a credible source.”

The new release by WND Books presents substantial evidence of Iraqi involvement and a refusal by federal government agents to investigate the bombing that killed nearly 170 people in April 19, 1995.

Davis repeatedly has tried since 1997, with no success, to convince the FBI to examine her investigation.

Yesterday, however, Lehman brought the issue before the 9-11 Commission with the former FBI director on the witness stand.


LEHMAN: One last question. The Oklahoma City case – again, one of the criticisms has been that one of the problems of the case law approach to intelligence is that, once you focus on a convicting particular terrorists, that there has to be a hypothesis of the case and that’s where all of the investigative resources are put in. In the case of Oklahoma City, the hypothesis was that there were two Americans and they acted alone. There’s a new book out now, as you probably know, called The Third Terrorist, that has new information that begs for further investigation showing the links or purporting very significant links between Terry Nichols and Ramzi Yousef in the Philippines, and also links between the two perpetrators and Hussein al-Husseini, the Iraqi, perhaps, agent. Are you satisfied that you ran all of these potential Al Qaida links to ground with McVeigh and Nichols?

FREEH: Well, other than that book, which I haven’t read, you know, I don’t know any other credible source with respect to that kind of a link. No, I have not run those links myself. I certainly was not aware of them when I was FBI director. I know that there is a review going on with respect to some of the matters that have been raised by his attorney in connection with the state murder prosecution that’s ongoing. I guess I don’t want to say anything with respect to that case as it’s being tried now by a judge and a jury. But I don’t know of any connections, except the one you’ve just mentioned, between Ramzi Yousef and that terrorist act.

Davis noted Freeh was careful to say he knew of no other “credible source,” instead of dismissing the premise of the book outright.

“I find it very encouraging,” she said, “because every time the FBI has been asked to officially comment in any fashion about my research, we have the same canned response that the Department of Justice is confident that all those responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing have been arrested, charged and prosecuted.”

Or we hear, she continued, “that the FBI dedicated an untold number of resource and manpower into the largest criminal investigation of the 20th century and turned up no credible evidence of a Middle East connection.”

Freeh’s response, Davis emphasized, is “huge.”

“He would not rule it out,” she said.

Davis said it’s possible Freeh was not aware during his time as FBI director of any credible sources linking Iraq to the bombing.

“It was my impression he was being sincere,” she said. “According to my sources in the FBI, he was last to know anything.”

Davis’ reporting was vetted by former CIA director James Woolsey and given credibility by the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals last April when it dismissed a lawsuit filed against her after finding “defendants did not recklessly disregard the truth” in reporting on an Iraqi soldier’s alleged involvement in the bombing.

“After eight years of oppressive litigation, the courts have vindicated my work ethic as a dedicated journalist,” Davis told WorldNetDaily at the time. “The lawsuit was obviously designed to silence a legitimate investigation into Middle Eastern complicity in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.”

In an interview with WND in October 2001, attorney David Schippers, who prosecuted the House of Representatives’ impeachment case against Bill Clinton, said his examination of the evidence Davis presented him was conclusive.

“I am thoroughly convinced that there was a dead-bang Middle Eastern connection in the Oklahoma City bombing,” he said.

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