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Boy officially has 3 parents

A landmark legal ruling has granted a 2-year-old toddler three parents – his biological mother, her lesbian partner and their homosexual sperm donor.

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The Sunday Star-Times of New Zealand reports the boy originally had been conceived with an agreement between the Auckland lesbian couple and their friends, two homosexual men from Sydney, Australia.

But once the baby was born, the couples had a falling out, and the women moved back to New Zealand, refusing the men any access to the child.

Auckland Family Court Judge Sarah Fleming issued the three-parent ruling, but is precluding the identities of the parents and the child from being published.

Fleming awarded custody to the lesbians, but said the sperm donor would also be named as father on the birth certificate. In addition, the judge awarded monthly access to the boy to the male homosexual couple, granting them seven days visitation per month.

According to the Star-Times, the parental fight went to the high court twice, as judges warned the parliament, rather than the courts, should be addressing moral and ethical issues.

Justice John Priestley admonished they had “potential to spark both emotion and prejudice in the community. The fact remains that children are being born into and raised by such family units,” he told the paper. “It is undesirable that fathers and children in the situation of this father and child should be left legally marooned.”

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