A pornographic website that said it featured “actors” portraying U.S. GIs gang-raping Iraqi women has been shut down by its operator after WND reported two Arabic websites were presenting the photos as proof of American crimes.

The American website, “Iraq Babes,” was shut down by its registrant, Linda MacNew.

MacNew released this statement to WND:

I want to start by saying how appalled I am at this whole thing. The site iraqbabes.com is one of our client’s sites that we had purchased for him as part of a hosting package that he ordered. Even though we knew it would be an adult site, all content was legal content obtained from a sponsor Extreme Traffic and listed in their 2257 statement that all scenes in the movies and images were performed (played) by actors. All actors/models were over 18 at the time of photography. And were paid for their performances.

MacNew added, “In light of the anti-American use that other websites have found for this content, we have decided to sever all business ties with this client and have removed their site from our server. We want to thank WND for contacting us and making us aware of what was going on.”

MacNew told WND she was not able yesterday to verify conclusively that the photos, which she said were produced by the Hungarian “Sex in War” site, were legal or illegal – meaning whether the women involved were without question porn actresses or were actually raped on camera.

Earlier in the day, MacNew questioned WND about how the photos were discovered, saying she thought it would be impossible to find them because they were so deeply buried in the Internet. She expressed shock that the photos came to public light at all.

When asked why she allowed her name to be associated the site, MacNew replied, “I had no idea something like this would happen.”

“I’m very upset about it,” she said. “I have a very good name and a very nice business.”

MacNew Enterprises, along with the names Linda and/or Arthur MacNew, is listed as registrant on various pornographic websites ranging from “soft porn” to one which is much more explicit.

MacNew said she was not following news on the war and was unaware of the controversy over U.S. abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison.

“I was all against the war to begin with,” she said. Regarding rape, MacNew added, “That stuff happens over there all the time anyway.”

Veteran police detective and novelist Michael Tremoglie, commenting on the four websites involved and statements made by some of the persons connected to them, said, “If there was any question in their mind about whether real rape was going on in these photos, why didn’t they contact the responsible authorities, instead of trying to cash in on it?”

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