Image taken from infrared video of UFOs

The Mexican air force has released video footage of 11 unidentified flying objects that were only visible via an infrared camera.

The objects reportedly flew around a military surveillance plane, Reuters reported.

Jamie Maussan, a journalist and UFO enthusiast, told reporters yesterday the objects seemed “intelligent” because at one point they changed direction and surrounded the plane that was chasing them.

“They were invisible to the eye but they were there, there is no doubt about it. They had mass, they had energy and they were moving about,” Maussan said after showing a 15-minute video. He says Mexico’s Defense Ministry gave him permission to show the footage.

According to Reuters, the government confirmed the video was shot by the air force on March 5 over the eastern coastal state of Campeche as the aircraft looked for drug traffickers near the Gulf of Mexico.

“We are not alone! This is so weird,” one of the pilots can be heard yelling, the news service reported. The plane’s crew had just switched on the infrared camera after first picking up the objects by radar.

The objects were described as blobs of light that hover in formation or dart about, sometimes disappearing into a cloud.

One of the pilots said he became nervous after the objects surrounded the plane.

“There was a moment when … the screens showed they were behind us, to the left and in front of us. It was at that point that I felt a bit tense,” said Maj. Magdaleno Castanon told Maussan on a separate piece of videotape.

“This is historic news,” Maussan said.

“Hundreds of videos (of UFOs) exist, but none had the backing of the armed forces of any country. … The armed forces don’t perpetuate frauds.”

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