Rocks are mysteriously falling “from the sky” onto a South Africa family’s home at night, and local police believe demons are responsible.

According to a report in, the Lambani family, who live in a village near Thohoyandou, South Africa, are pestered each night by the falling rocks. This week, they called the police for help.

“We’ve been watching the house every night since Monday and have also seen the stones falling from the sky above the house,” police Capt. Ailwei Mushavhanamadi told the news service.

Though the cops initially thought a prankster might be throwing the rocks, Mushavhanamadi thinks there is a supernatural explanation.

“In my personal opinion, this incident has something to do with demonic spirits. The solution might be for the family to pray to God for help,” he said.

Dr Elijah Mtileni, a pastor at Bethesda Christian Church in Malamulele, also suspects demonic activity.

“It is up to the family to give their lives to God first and believe that when we pray, the demonic spirits will disappear,” he said, saying he has offered to help the family.

A medium, known as a sangoma in South Africa, blames witchcraft.

“This is a clear case of witchcraft because people have many ways of destroying the lives of others through it,” Eric “Dr. Hlathikulu” Ngobeni is quoted as saying.

He advised the family to consult with their ancestors, and then a sangoma, according to

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