‘Kerry lied while
good men died’

By WND Staff

Using the battle cry “Kerry lied while good men died,” the organization Vietnam Vets for Truth is planning a September rally in the nation’s capital to combat what it considers untruths the Democratic presidential candidate has spread about those who fought in the Vietnam War.

The new organization will host what they expect to be a “giant rally” of veterans and their families at the west side of the Capitol on Sept. 12. In a statement announcing the event, organizers said those who assume Vietnam vets are behind Kerry’s candidacy are “dead wrong.”

Terry Garlock of Peachtree City, Ga., and Larry Bailey of Alexandria, Va, lead the organization, Garlock as CEO and Bailey as president.

Garlock, an Army Cobra helicopter pilot in Vietnam, proposed the idea, and Bailey, one of the first to sign up for the effort, is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL captain with service in Vietnam.

“More than any other person, John Kerry is responsible for the false image of Vietnam veterans as dysfunctional misfits,” Bailey said in a statement. “Kerry betrayed all of us when he returned from Vietnam.

“A lot of good people opposed the war, but some, like John Kerry, went too far. He joined the radical left wing of the anti-war movement and shared the microphone with Jane Fonda and other radicals. He promoted himself by telling unforgivable lies about Vietnam servicemen and women, and he did this under oath.”

Kerry testified before U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1971, making horrific claims about alleged atrocities committed by American service members.

What about Kerry’s claim he helped end the war?

Responded Bailey: “What unmitigated chutzpah! The truth is that the actions he took gave aid and comfort to those who were killing America’s sons and daughters. He encouraged our enemies to rebuild and hang on when they were near defeat, as they were after the Tet Offensive in 1968. Did you know our POWs had John Kerry’s words quoted to them by their interrogators?”

Bailey says Kerry helped to spread a “negative stereotype” of Vietnam veterans that was exploited in movies and on TV.

“The truth long ago was that we fought with honor and courage, and we won every significant battle,” Bailey said. “The truth now is that we are doctors, lawyers, factory workers, nurses, small-business owners, corporate executives, carpenters and pretty much your neighbor or your friend at church, and very patriotic. We are not and never have been the crazed killers we have been portrayed to be for so many years in movies and on TV, in part, because of Kerry’s lies.”

Bailey says the event is not partisan and that all Vietnam vets are welcome: “We just want the country to know that America’s sons and daughters served honorably and well in Vietnam, and the bad things John Kerry said about them have never been true.”

As WorldNetDaily reported, earlier this month a group of Kerry’s colleagues from the war gathered to denounce his fitness for the land’s highest office, saying that during the war he was a “loose cannon.” The group represented the organization Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

“The Swift Boat guys are challenging Kerry’s fitness for office based on his lies and his Vietnam service,” commented Garlock, “and they are qualified to do that since they served with him. Our new VVT organization is not challenging Kerry’s Vietnam service. We are going to tell the good news stories about Vietnam vets at our rally and how America should have welcomed them home with pride and gratitude. We will contrast that truth with the lies told about them by John Kerry.”

In an open letter to Kerry, the new group tells the candidate: “You should have been our brother, Sen. Kerry, but when you returned from Vietnam you betrayed us. America does not yet understand the depth of that betrayal. We believe that before voters in this country have the opportunity to elect you to the office of commander in chief, they deserve to know the truth, and they deserve to hear some answers from you.”

The letter poses 16 specific questions to Kerry that challenge him to explain the statements he has made about those who fought for the U.S. in Vietnam.

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