Calling Americans “barbaric wild beasts” who are “born in brothels,” likely Arab propagandists have sent a group of “rape” photographs – including some WND uncovered as fake images taken from a pornographic website – to an Australian TV program.

Staff of the program, called “Media Watch,” contacted WND yesterday to get help identifying the photos, which the senders claim depict U.S. servicemen raping Iraqi women. WorldNetDaily was able to confirm that all eight “rape” photos were taken from the same pornographic site previously identified, “Sex In War.” The site contains thousands of photographs in addition to video.

WND had reported Arabic websites were running the bogus photos as evidence of U.S. abuses in Iraq.

Media Watch received the photos in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that began with the already widely disseminated Abu Ghraib photos. The electronic file also included hoax British abuse photos as well as the “rape” photos.

The presentation sent to Media Watch included the following text:

“Americans cannot and should not be called human beings because they are barbaric wild beasts with no civilization and no ethics. … Their social fabric is making of prostitutes and bastards. … [T]heir men are all sons of b—–s who do not know their fathers.”

The “rape” photos were preceded by this text:

“This is their way of life because all Americans are a breed of prostitution and bastards who do not know their fathers because they were born in brothels.

“Now you will see how these wild animals, sick beasts, rape the Iraqi chaste females assuming they will escape punishment. No humanity, no self-respect, no mercy, no ethics because they are animals … If one of these raped women is your mother or sister or wife or even friend, how would you react? I think you have moral responsibility to show the world this scandalous utmost brutal barbarism of the American and British wild beasts.”

The electronic file is signed, “On behalf of Iraqi people, we pay our respect and gratitude to all who shared in reveling [sic] these crimes and the act of cowardness [sic]. The truth will always unearthed.”

“Media Watch” journalist and researcher Alison McClymont contacted WND for assistance with the photos. The news show is a production of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the Boston Globe published a group of the same fake photos last week when a city councilman displayed the images at a press conference, claiming they were authentic. WND pointed out the Globe’s error and the paper published an apology, blaming the elected official for the controversy.

Though no one was dismissed over the Globe debacle, the London Daily Mirror fired its editor, Piers Morgan, when he OK’d the publishing of bogus photos depicting British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners.

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