A police department in New Hampshire is paying pizza deliverymen and hotel clerks who give the cops information about underage drinking parties, if the tip leads to an arrest.

Those who tattle on minors or their parents will receive $50 under a new law being enforced in Portsmouth, N.H.

“The message being sent to parents is that it’s not safe for them to host a party,” Jackie Valley of the Community Diversion Program in Greenland, N.H., told the Portsmouth Herald.

The law makes it a misdemeanor for the owner or occupant at any given address to host a gathering of five or more minors who are consuming alcohol or drugs.

“It’s not necessarily just in a home,” Sgt. Mike Schwartz, who is in charge of the Juvenile Division of the Portsmouth Police Department, told the paper. “It could be an apartment or even a hotel room.”

Under the new program, known as the “Booze Bounty,” deliverypeople and hotel employees are encouraged to submit tips anonymously.

“We’re going to market this to pizza delivery places and also to hotel clerks,” Schwartz said.

The Herald reported many local businesses were in favor of the program.

“My employees have enough contact with these customers to know what’s going on,” said the manager of a delivery restaurant who wished to remain anonymous. He supports the new program.

“I don’t want my drivers to feel like they’re junior police officers,” he said, “but I’m willing to help.”

Schwartz told the paper teens as young as 17 who throw a party could be tried as adults under the new law.

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