The genocidal ethnic cleansing in Sudan is one of the great under-reported stories of the last 10 years.

The fanatical Muslim Arabs who dominate the government in Khartoum – monsters akin to Afghanistan’s Taliban – are responsible for the deaths of at least 1 million Sudanese.

The government encourages armed Arab militias to ride into black villages, on horseback or camelback, terrorizing unarmed civilians, kidnapping children, enslaving those they can carry away and raping young girls before leaving them for dead.

One 13-year-old victim survived to tell her horror story of the “rape camps” set up purely to terrorize the black Christians, animists and even some Muslims, in hopes they will vacate their homes and land so they can be seized as part of Islam’s long march south through Africa.

“I saw many people killed, then I was grabbed by two men on horses wearing Sudan army uniforms,” Ilham Isaak Abdullah told a Western reporter last week. “They tied me to a tree and raped me all night. I became very ill and fell down. They thought I died, so they left me.”

Unable to walk and barely conscious, the young teen crawled out of what is being described as a “rape camp” in the northern province of Darfur.

Abdullah is one of countless girls and women who have been subjected to this systematic campaign of rape-terror, according to human-rights groups monitoring Sudan.

One of these “rape camps,” they say, is 10 miles outside of Abu Lehah. “When we arrived in Abu Lehah, we saw hundreds of women unable to walk,” says Asha Abdara Haman. “Many girls were under 15 and couldn’t walk. We carried them for 16 days.”

That’s how long it took to take them some 125 miles to Chad where they could safely received medical attention. It would be foolhardy to seek out any help from Khartoum, which continues to promote ethnic cleansing and genocide against the black population – particularly targeted against non-Muslims, though not exclusively.

Haman has first-hand experience with the rape camps. She and her 17-year-old sister, Radiya, were taken by the Muslim Arabs and held as sex slaves for two days.

“Five to six people raped each of us,” she said. “They did everything they wanted with us. Our condition was horrible.”

The rape camps are well-organized operations.

“There were 35 women taken and they split us up, one for each group of (Muslim Arabs),” said Haman. Depending on the number of women captured, five or six militiamen may “share” one of their victims. If more are captured, each militiaman may have his own sex slave.

It is uncertain whether some of the women are actually allowed to escape as a means of spreading terror throughout their communities. Though, cultural traditions in the region often cause the women to be silent about their victimization.

“In our culture, it is a shame, and women will hide this in their hearts so that the men do not hear about it,” said one refugee woman.

It is tempting to see Khartoum’s war against its own people as one exclusively motivated by religion – Islam against non-Muslims. However, there is also a strong racist character to the slaughter. Muslim blacks who show anything but subservience to the extremist demands of the Khartoum government are treated as harshly as the non-Muslims.

While the New York Times and most Western media report dutifully on a phony peace deal signed between the country’s Islamist government and Christian resistance, the terror continues unabated in regions like Darfur. While the U.S. State Department says the human-rights situation in Sudan is improving, the killing machine in Khartoum lives on.

And while Americans fight on several fronts in a war on Islamist terrorism, Sudan should serve as an illustration for all of us as to just what this global war is all about.

Instead, the pure evil in Sudan continues. And the world sees it not.

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