Rarely in its century of existence has the somber, solemnly serious and matter-of-fact business section of the New York Times been funnier than on May 31, when it dealt at length with Air America, the new liberal talk-radio network.

Under a photograph of this network’s star Al Franken – who looks in absolute shock (without his customary smirk or open mouth) – there is a memorable quote indeed from this fellow:

“We’ve had some bad management. Then we got some good management. It’s a little fuzzy to me exactly who’s in charge.”

Why Al – we thought you were!

The Times reports:

“The fledgling talk-radio network has replaced five top executives, been taken off the air in two of its top three markets and lost several crucial producers. By late April, current and former executives said last week, the company was perilously close to running out of money. It has since received an infusion of cash, though it has not disclosed how much or from whom.”

Ladies and gentlemen, is it possible that this life-saving infusion of cash came from the Democratic Party?

Well, the Times goes on to report:

“The turmoil has shed light on the network’s corporate culture, laying bare a mismatched collection of managers and investors, including Democratic Party fund-raisers, Internet entrepreneurs and radio veterans who, as it turned out, did not get along especially well.”

Why have the Democratic Party fund-raisers not gotten along with all the others?

And is the John Kerry For President campaign going to put up for long with all the money that is being spent on this disastrous attempt to compete with primarily conservative talk radio?

With the extensive list of former officers and directors who have come and quite suddenly gone, Mr. Franken is quoted in a really memorable statement:

“Imagine how we’re going to do when we know what we’re doing.”

Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.

How often in broadcasting history has the star of any new network ever admitted that 1) We don’t know what we’re doing, and 2) “It’s a little fuzzy to me exactly who’s in charge”?

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