The Israeli air force just struck what is says is a guerrilla target near the Lebanese capital of Beirut in response to rocket fire earlier today from Lebanon at an Israeli naval vessel, an army statement said.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

The Israeli army gave no further information about the retaliation strike, which came just hours after six rockets were fired at an Israeli naval vessel patrolling Israeli territorial waters in the Mediterranean today.

Three of the rockets landed near a United Nations-supported hospital near the border town of Naqoura, according to U.N. reports. IDF officials said the rockets were not fired by Hezbollah, and no official word yet from Israeli officials about which group was targeted in the retaliation strikes.

“The State of Israel is determined not to allow terrorist actions against Israel from Lebanese territories and demands that the Lebanese and Syrian governments take responsibility,” an IDF spokesman said.

An Israeli official told WND, on condition of anonymity, that Israel struck a Palestinian target, not Hezbollah.

Palestinian guerrillas of the Syrian-backed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command maintain an underground base in the Naameh hills of Lebanon.

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