GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Residents of Simi Valley, Calif., have the Reagan Library, and denizens of Washington, D.C., will be able to attend the various observances this week honoring Ronald Reagan. But what can the rest of America’s citizens do to personally honor him, other than watch the events unfold on their television sets?

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

“Ronald Reagan always talked about his beloved ‘shining city on a hill,'” said Bob Just, a veteran talk-show host and WorldNetDaily columnist. “So, let’s shine our headlights from now until Independence Day. Let’s give Ronald Reagan one more July 4th with the people who love him.”

Just, who calls himself a Reagan Democrat, is launching the “shining city” observance here in Grants Pass to honor the passing of the 40th president, and is hoping it will catch on nationally.

“I loved Ronald Reagan,” he said. “We’ll all be watching this week’s events on television but that’s not enough. I think most of us want to do something personally to celebrate the life of the man who gave America back to itself.”

Just is launching the idea locally on KAJO radio in Grants Pass, but hopes other talk show hosts, columnists, websites and news outlets will pick up the torch and inspire the millions of Americans who loved Ronald Reagan to “turn on their lights for the Gipper.”

“It’s a great idea,” said Carl Wilson, host and co-owner of KAJO. “There are a lot of us – Democrat and Republican – who want to do something to honor Ronald Reagan. This is one easy and effective way to do it.”

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