Virginia lawmakers’ affirmation that marriage is only for one man and one woman has prompted homosexual activists to call for a boycott of the state’s companies and tourism.

One group,, derives its name from the state’s tourism motto, “Virginia is for lovers.”

The site was started by Jay Porter and his partner David Smith who live in Seattle, reports

Porter says one company to boycott is clothier J.Crew, which markets across the country but has a customer service and distribution center in Lynchburg, Va.

Another group, Make Love Legal, is targeting the state’s 400th anniversary celebration in 2007 of the founding of Jamestown.

“This whole idea is: Don’t spend your money in a place where people hurt you,” Diane Horvath, a Richmond attorney spearheading the Jamestown initiative, told the Virginian-Pilot newspaper of Hampton Roads.

Earlier this year, state lawmakers amended the Affirmation of Marriage Act to also ban civil unions.

In addition, the law prohibits any arrangements “purporting to bestow the privileges of marriage.”

“This is a national issue,” said Porter, according to the AP. “Someone came up with this really punitive legislation and got it through the state legislature and in my mind, that could happen just about anywhere in the U.S.”

Republican Delegate Robert Marshall, who sponsored the bill, said, according to the AP, he believes Virginia’s economy is not threatened.

“If they don’t like the expression of the will of the people of Virginia, they don’t have to come here,” he said. “This was done by freely elected representatives.”

Contributors to Marshall’s campaign also are targeted by Porter’s website, including Altria Group Inc., parent company of tobacco giant Philip Morris.

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