“Shine your headlights to commemorate Reagan’s ‘shining city,'” trumpeted the headline on the Heritage Foundation’s website, TownHall.com – one of many Internet sites, radio talk shows and heartfelt word-of-mouth communications that have made the dream of one Reagan-loving Democrat start to come true.

“Ronald Reagan always talked about his beloved ‘shining city on a hill,'” said Bob Just, a veteran talk-show host, WorldNetDaily columnist and self-proclaimed “Reagan Democrat.” “So, let’s shine our headlights from now until Independence Day. Let’s give Ronald Reagan one more July 4th with the people who love him.”

Indeed, after just a few days of national publicity, reports from across the country of thousands of cars with their headlights on – during the day – seem to show Just’s “bright idea” for honoring Ronald Reagan with the help of halogens is really gathering momentum.

Many drivers in Las Vegas have been seen keeping headlights on in daytime (File)

“There was an instant response in Las Vegas when WorldNetDaily posted the original article,” said WND’s Executive News Editor Joe Kovacs, who observed up to 40 percent of drivers illuminating their headlights in daylight hours. “People are still driving with their lights on even though the Reagan story is dropping off the mainstream media’s radar.”

The campaign picked up more steam when talk show host Sean Hannity touted it to his national audience.

“Sean Hannity calls me ‘one of the good Democrats,” said Just, who was a researcher on Hannity’s new book, “Deliver us from Evil.” “Still, it is important to remember that Democrats and Republicans used to get along. Reagan represented that.”

Just wanted to honor the famous ex-Democrat by doing “something personal.” He explains why he wanted Americans to turn on their headlights not just during the funeral, but to keep them on right up through July 4:

“People forget that in his farewell address to the American people, President Reagan warned us that freedom was not something we can take for granted. He called it ‘fragile,’ and he was right. We need to shine our headlights not just to remember Ronald Reagan, but to remind ourselves of the true significance of the 4th of July. It commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence – the primary statement that we Americans get our rights from God and not from government. Reagan knew that and often reminded us about the dangers of statism – governments that think they are God.”

According to one Washington, D.C., listener to the Sean Hannity Show, thousands of cars responded. “There were so many vehicles lighted, that if I had not heard your announcement, I would have seriously wondered why they were on, and what I was missing.”

Hannity had discussed the headlight idea to his audience the same day “Fox & Friends” covered the story, which was first reported on WorldNetDaily.

“What could be more fitting,” Hannity told WND, “than to shine a light for Ronald Reagan, who was such a light in all of our lives.”

Rebecca Hagelin, a Heritage Foundation vice president and WorldNetDaily columnist, told WND: “I’ve heard reports of thousands of people across the country participating in this unifying act on behalf of liberty and love. When I get in my car and switch on the lights, I feel as if I’m sending a clear signal of my belief that Ronald Reagan was right – ours is a country that can illuminate the world and individuals everywhere if we will only be true to freedom’s call to share the truth.”

Meanwhile, Just is thinking big – really big: “Imagine if Eastern Europe and the rest of the old Soviet empire freed by Reagan started turning on their headlights too,” he said.

“I can dream, can’t I?”

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